God-damned Catholic Charities and their bishops?

Every Catholic in these USA has to see this, all the laity, every priest, every bishop. What an indictment. Are not they a bunch of Judases, they who push this diabolical betrayal of Jesus (in the least of the brethren) by way of Catholic Charities? I’m really, really, really sick of all this.

Besides the myriad of journalists on the ground in this video, those wanting to indict Catholic Charities with uncountable felonies and hold them accountable as a 501(c)(3) include:

  • Mark Morgan, Former Commissioner for US Customs and Boarder Control
  • Tom Horman, Former Director of ICE
  • Rep. Richard Hudson (R) North Carolina
  • Rep. Lance Gooden (R) Texas
  • Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, 2022 Texas Gubernatorial Candidate
  • Governor Ron Desantis, Florida


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7 responses to “God-damned Catholic Charities and their bishops?

  1. Tom Schott

    Good one from Fr George…Catholic Charities needs to be defunded and taken down.

  2. nancy v

    Credible and on record now…and so was David Dalidean’s expose on planned parentlesshood. Who cares? Apparently not those in high places. Now go to confession.

  3. Anne

    sent this video to all the Catholics that I know so that they do not donate!

  4. It was a Catholic parish that was handing out the “Biden Let us In” tee shirts at the southern border. The open southern border is a Biden kickback to the NGO’s (aka Catholic Church) that gets $$$ to process the folks that illegally enter the USA from that border. It was no surprise that the Catholic Church and its pontiff were rooting for a particular presidential candidate. I received in the mail a request from a Catholic religious order for money to support their missionary work. I threw it in the garbage. The money I used to give was insignificant compared to what my government is giving them.

  5. Madgalene

    We do not want to give to CRS or that so called campaign for human development that supports abortion agencies. Will the scandals never end?

  6. Dianna

    I live in Texas, everyday busloads of18-30 yr old men get off buses into our communities. Others are flown to mostly “red states” by the hundreds. I was beyond angry last week to find out that Catholic Chariities pays a huge portion of those travel fees. Also, children are placed in “foster” care with individuals not vetted or checked in any way. Its a sin what they are doing in the name of charity. Just last week I saw a group of young black men in and around local stores. Their clothing was different, and spoke a kind of French, i.e., Haitian. Why would you drop off these young men who neither speak English or Spanish in south Texas? I will never again give a cent to Catholic Charities or give creedence to any words from Archbishop Garcia-Siller. Truly, wolves in sheeps clothing. I only know that just dropping these people off in our communities is soon gonna bite us.

  7. sanfelipe007

    They are treating children as fungible. The love of money makes useful idiots out of, otherwise, charitable people.

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