(Non) Habemus Papam


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3 responses to “(Non) Habemus Papam

  1. pelerin

    Sad to see again but amused at the English caption in the second video mentioning the ‘bark of Peter.’ I wish we still heard his ‘bark.’

  2. sanfelipe007

    I was so disappointed by Benedict’s renunciation of the Petrine office. My only thought, during that time, was “But John Paul ‘s example! Was that not clear enough?” But what do I know of it? Nothing.

  3. I remember Habemus Papam and then what followed non- Habemus Papam. More accurately I remember the conversations that surrounded the events. I clearly remember the negative press statements that surrounded the election of Cardinal Ratzinger at the time he was declared Pope. I recall the derogatory title he was given by the news media, and the negative talking points that were constantly broadcast about his future papacy. I can contrast that with what followed “non- Habemus Papam” and how certain groups began to praise the new pope, Francis. What I most clearly remember is a non-Catholic, and one who viewed Catholics as the enemy, say to me that they approved of the new Pope. I will say that at the beginning of Benedicts reign I was new to the tactics of politics, and at the start of Francis’s reign I knew precisely what clues to look for.

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