Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Life goes on, edition)

Still sad over my Yad vaShem video being taken down by some nefarious anti-Semite hacking into my locked-down You-Tube page (removing just that video). The February flowers up top have a Star of David providing the background to the bursts of yellow. They remind me of, you know:

Next to these flowers we see this up at the church:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wp-16446964954714043138640688413175.jpg

Meanwhile, today was a more epic Saturday than normal. I wasn’t able to speak with Father Gordon. Instead, today we had a Marriage with Holy Mass, a Confirmation, a First Holy Communion. Confessions are scheduled, as is yet another Holy Mass. [[Update: Late in the evening Last Rites were also provided. Lot’s of Sacraments.]]

Run, run, run. But don’t think I’m complaining. Instead, I feel badly for those priests who have been forbidden to provide the Sacraments these past couple of years. Even Confession and the Last Rites were forbidden. Even marriages and funerals. When Maximilian Kolbe was in Auschwitz, he did what he could regardless of the powers that be. What was most important was not escaping the wrath of the malicious, but in letting God shine out in such darkness.

Many of those in that group – the powers that be – although tasked to instruct us about eternal life and lead us to eternal life, have instead given the distinct impression that life does not go on after death, and that death is to be avoided at all costs. Specifically, when it comes down to it, it is all about ensuring that the Lord’s Little Flock cannot meet up with the Lord. Everything has been done to keep people away from Jesus.

But life does go on, regardless of the death-mongering and darkness of this world. Amidst the darkness, we are to help each other see the Lumen gentium, the Light of the Nations, even at the cost of dying to this world. The one goal we are to have is to be close to Christ Jesus.

So many priests cancelled, and still being cancelled.

But life goes on. Flowers for you, Mary.


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4 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Life goes on, edition)

  1. Lumen Gentium – Light of the Nations – He is and always will be that.

  2. Joisy Goil

    Indeed there is a great sorrow about cancelled priests. It seems like the devil has entered the hearts of (some of) our bishops making them work against the best interests of the flock.

    But the ones who really trouble me are the ones who apparently have such weak faith that they fear germs more than God. It seems that the likes of the saints of old who braved plagues and scourges to minister to the afflicted (spiritually and physically) – are a diminishing breed.
    God bless and fortify brave faithful priests who remember their flocks and work for our eternal salvation.

  3. pelerin

    The Daily Mail reports that an American priest has been forced to resign because he did not say the correct words when baptising babies and consequently hundreds of babies were not really baptised. Thinking about it would they not have received ‘baptism by desire?’ Or did that disappear with Vatican II?

    • Father George David Byers

      God won’t make any invalid baptism valid. God can give grace as He wants. But God wants that we ourselves get it right. We know God’s goodness but we can’t read if such a priest did this with or without malice. The upshot: the baptisms are not repeated for the never took place. They are not done conditionally but absolutely.

      This also happened in Brisbane. All baptisms for I think over 25 years.

      Priests should over their disgusting niceness and creativity and render the Sacraments with honesty and integrity and reverence.

      A number of priests found out that they themselves were baptized invalidly. The nightmare…

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