Dave Wottle: Head Waiter? No. Leading from Behind? No. Playing the Long Game? Yes.

There are lots of great moments in sports history. The genocide olympics inflicted by China are not one of them. But this race with Dave Wottle is. He wasn’t waiting or faking people out, but was instead doing what he always did for that length of race. He had enough sense not to burst out of the blocks so as play the short game like everyone else. Instead, he knew in his head what he himself had to do for that length of race and did what he always did. He wasn’t in reaction to others. He just did the right thing. No compromise, ever, not for a nanosecond. And then… Just watch… Just 1 minute 59 seconds… Very instructive about playing the long game, and successfully, of course. And the subtitle and post-title, “Never Give Up!” are also incorrect here. It was never about not giving up. He knew from the start he had it all if only he just did what he had to do. If there’s any “Never Give Up!” attitude going on here, it’s not about comparison and envy. It’s about not giving up on the right thing to do regardless of anything or anyone else. Stick with doing the right thing, and you will win the long game, every time. Guaranteed.

The long game is eternity in heaven. If you love Jesus, keep the commandments, at every moment, not worrying about other’s infidelity, or seemingly “getting ahead.” And keeping up with the Sacraments, Confession, Holy Communion. Jesus is with us not just at the finish line, but at every moment, every moment. We look to Jesus. Jesus is the One. He’s the only One. Jesus.

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