UPDATE: To those arrested at Knoxville Cathedral: You are welcome to come to Mass in my parish



LifeSiteNews: “A Tennessee district attorney dropped all charges against two Catholics arrested last week for peacefully protesting against the [civil government’s] ‘vaccination’ of minors on Church property. […] This week, the Knox County Fourth Sessions Court judge told Hay and Shiruna that the district attorney decided to drop all charges against them, and that their arrest has been expunged from their records. [The judge also warned them: ‘But the church has asked you not to come on the property again.’ She responded, ‘I’m not prepared to agree to that condition today.’ ‘It’s not a condition. The DA is dropping all charges, so if you want to go back and get arrested again for trespassing, have at it,’ the judge said.”

Meanwhile, the Diocese and Cathedral still has them permanently trespassed. They will be arrested for going to Confession or attending Holy Mass.



Some points:

  • This was an abortion-tainted “vaccine” clinic for ages 12+ on church grounds but run by the government, which means all bets are off regarding private property, and people can legitimately exercise their right to free speech.
  • Youngsters are in about zero danger from any Covid BS, but are in great danger from injury or death from the abortion-tainted “vaccine.”
  • These lady and another gentlemen were going to hand out flyers of information. That’s it. They were praying the Rosary on church grounds. I bet that was intimidating for the powers that be.
  • They were arrested, put in handcuffs, put through the whole arresting and jailing process.
  • Charges will be dropped, but they have to agree never ever to set foot on Cathedral grounds again. That is an evil stricture put on them by the powers that be in the church. I wonder if the chancery is going to put Canon Law penalties upon them. Probably they are afraid that the case would be appealed.
  • She says she protested this because it involved kids. Getting them jabbed when there is no benefit for them but only perhaps for adults is an abuse of kids for the pleasure of adults. She didn’t like that. She said she wouldn’t protest the jab for adults at, say, Walgreens. She’s against the abortion-tainted jab for everyone, but she can’t fight against adults. She only wanted to put in a good word in favor of the rights of children.
  • She also had a good point about lawsuits. If a kid gets myocarditis, can he or she sue the bishop and rector of the cathedral, and the Diocese of Knoxville?

Wasn’t this one of the diocese’s wherein if priests weren’t jabbed they couldn’t provide the sacraments, and where Holy Communion on the tongue was forbidden for a time?

My own parish borders Knoxville Diocese via The Tail of the Dragon or Interstate 40 then down on 74. Not too far away for Jesus. All those involved are most welcome to come to my parish for the Sacraments and Holy Mass. However inappropriate applause is in church, my parishioners would likely give all y’all a round of applause. Thank you for your great witness to the Lord of Life.


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4 responses to “UPDATE: To those arrested at Knoxville Cathedral: You are welcome to come to Mass in my parish

  1. Anne

    I hope that the Cathedral’s Director of Campus activities, Mr. Barron, and the Vicar General and pastor of Sacred Heart Cathedral, Fr. Boettner, were looking on when these faithful Catholics who were telling the Truth in public, were tied and arrested, just as Jesus was. But I doubt that they would see and reflect on this correlation.

  2. Joisy Goil

    Very interesting. Governmental action being carried out on “private” church property while people’s first amendment rights are being crushed and sacrilegious murderous activities being carried out in a (once) sacred place. You can’t make this stuff up. Wow!

    When the cathedral is decommissioned (for lack of better words) isn’t it still considered scared space? Don’t all the sacraments and masses said there through the years have a lingering grace or blessing?

    And being forbidden to EVER return to the cathedral – isn’t that an insult to the faith? What do you suppose Our Lord thinks of this.

  3. Aussie Mum

    This remind me of what Father Alar said in his video (posted here March 8th) about the Russian Orthodox Church having been in the pocket of Soviet government. Since Russia has spread her errors throughout the world, might what happened at Knoxville Cathedral be a sign that “progressive Catholics” also see the Church as a government agency?

  4. nancyv

    Update: What the hell? …what a nice “neighbor” diocese” you have. I hope for the best for all of them. Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.

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