WW3? Amidst the first casualty of war…

Just some random thoughts, because, how could it be otherwise in the fog of war?

Putin is worried about expansion of NATO among Russia’s neighbors, and – what? – the U.S surveiling Soviet era biological weapons (defenses?) stored in Ukraine, you know, like in Wuhan? I don’t get his response, though, slaughtering women and children, having them cut down wherever he sees them? The Soviet Union has a long history of this. Putin is trying to emulate Stalin?

Meanwhile, various countries and individuals are sending arms to Ukraine over against unwanted aggression from Russia.

As a post-fog-of-war analogy here are some pictures of a plane having a few weapons in it having flown into an embattled region down in Sudan:

Rough landing. The landing gear and the props are damaged. But the locals were friendly.

That’s what I hear from a good friend of mine who took these pictures back in the day.

These guys were defensively protecting themselves from slaughter and their women from rape and slaughter by the Islamicist terrorists called Janjaweed. Frequently, at the time, I was hearing even first hand accounts of these murderous Janjaweed from a priest friend in Rome from that very area.

When people are under stress, they might need certain items. You have what they need. You make deals. You help them get the job done.

What drives such negotiators? They know that people are the same everywhere, and that tables can be turned in seconds. When the world turns upside down, the people you see above could be coming your way to fulfill your own needs for certain items. They’ll be making deals with you, with them helping you to get the job done, so that you can be defensively protecting yourselves from slaughter and your women from rape and slaughter by… who…? Islamicist terrorists? There have been those on our terrorist watch lists from about every country in the world who have been pouring across our southern border, from Russia, China, Iran, North Korea…

The smacking down of terribly unjust aggression is a good thing. You’ll know that when you yourself are being burned and pillaged and raped and shot and run over by tanks and carpet bombed and poisoned and nuked, asking, who is there to help us? God help us! Part of the help God may send may come in the form of a broken down plane that crash lands on your street. Great! After all, the Dems want to rip the second amendment out of the Constitution. The ATF (BATFE) is doing its best to do that on a practical level, leaving you defenseless, sitting ducks.

When it’s TEOTWAWKI, who can you trust? Look for someone who’s not afraid, not shaken, not confused, but distinguish. Among Catholics, who’s that going to be? Very likely someone who’s got their own house in order, who’s keeping up with the Sacraments (Go to Confession!), who’s ready to go to heaven, who’s praying the Rosary, who will be happy to lay down their lives for their fellow men and women, for you. How about you? You ready to do the same?

Meanwhile, think of it, the grid down, gas pumps down, food scarce, meds unavailable, you know, war-time stuff. You ready? Scoffing at preppers these days is like laughing at Noah while he was building the ark. Then the rain fell and the floods came. Don’t call yourself a prepper if that makes you feel better. Just be someone who’s prudent.


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2 responses to “WW3? Amidst the first casualty of war…

  1. nancyv

    a prudent prepper, how ’bout that? God BLESS you Fr. George David Byers. Let those of us able be willing to help… and let us store up the oil in our heart.

  2. Aussie Mum

    Things are not always as they seem. While the West (includes the EU of course) is imposing sanctions on Russia, the EU is also imposing sanctions on Hungary and Poland. So what else do Hungary, Poland and Russia have in common apart from the fact they are in Europe? All three countries are against LGBTQI+ and that is the stated reason for the sanctions against Hungary and Poland. However, the invasion of Ukraine is the stated reason for the sanctions against Russia, and indeed Russia should not be attacking Ukraine, but I wonder if there is more to it than that.https://www.opindia.com/2022/03/european-union-hits-poland-and-hungary-with-sanctions-while-they-deal-with-over-1-5-million-ukrainian-refugees/

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