Jesus told Lucia the Consecration would be done but it would be “too late”?

I’ve been seeing videos and stories going around that cite letters of Sister Lucia to Father Gonçalves to the effect that Jesus said that the Consecration would be done BUT IT WOULD BE TOO LATE. I’m calling B.S. I hunted it down:

In Portuguese:

Nas cartas para o Rev. P. José Bernardo Gonçalves, S. J. , afirmou ela, em 18-5-1936: “Mas, meu Deus, o Santo Padre não me há-de crer, se Vós mesmos o não moveis com uma inspiração especial” O Santo Padre: “Ora muito pelo Santo Padre. Ele há-de fazê-la, (a consagração da Rússia), mas será tarde.”

My English translation:

In letters to Rev. Fr. José Bernardo Gonçalves, S.J., she [Sister Lucia] said on 5/18/1936:

  • Sister Lucia: “But, my God, the Holy Father will not believe me if you yourself do not move him with a special inspiration.”
  • Jesus: “The Holy Father… Pray much for the Holy Father. He will do it (the consecration of Russia), but it will be late.”

The translators as traitors (probably using Google Translate) have “BUT IT WILL BE TOO LATE.”

No, no, no, no, no. This is ridiculous. Google Translate is ridiculous. “…mas será tarde” is not translated “but it will be too late,” but rather, simply, “but it will be late.” If you add the intensifier “too” (whose equivalent is not in the original), coming up with “too late”, and put that after the adversative “but”, this results in a manipulated result such that it has an invalidating sense to it: “but no matter what you do it will be too late, so just fughettabahtit!” Um… no. It just means that although the consecration will finally be done, it will be late.

Since our Lady speaks of a time of peace that will be granted to the world if the consecration is done, this means that if it had been done earlier, there wouldn’t have seen entire countries destroyed by communism such as Vietnam, (North) Korea, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, not to mention the ongoing devastation of Russia… That’s what “but it will be late” means.

At first, when I thought that people had done their homework and I trusted their translation of “too late,” I figured this meant that any conversion of Russia and any time of peace that would have followed that conversion were now both out of the question, and that we would continue with Russia spreading her errors throughout the whole world. But it’s not “too late.” Pfft. Translators! Traitors! Traduttori! Traditori!

The Consecration is hours away. We have to get all of our parishes to follow this up with the Five First Saturdays…


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2 responses to “Jesus told Lucia the Consecration would be done but it would be “too late”?

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    This is very reassuring. Thank you, Father.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Yes! The Five First Saturdays! I am such a fool to have let this reparation go undone for my part! Kinda like going to Confession, but not making an act of Contrition, or doing the assigned penance.

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