Starting the rectory garden, and then the winds blew and the floods came

On the “Day Off”. Ten tomato plants planted. Those are deep holes of good potting soil. The buckets are to put over them when it frosts (another few times over the next few weeks). I learned my lesson last year: Don’t leave the buckets over them into the day!

Below, the seed boxes aren’t quite ready. The middle one will be spaghetti squash. The one nearest in the picture I’m hoping will be rhubarb. Mmm. The far one, not yet placed half in the ground with cardboard underneath (that stops the roots), well, I don’t know. I might move it toward the front to head up the line of tomatoes. Perhaps lettuce for that one.

Below was yesterday’s project, the garden along the driveway. Weeded and tilled, then Cooper-pooped (Cooper being the small horse next door, two wheelbarrows full, then potting soil). I think this year it will be a row of corn on each of the long edges and then a row of string beans all along the central trellis.

But not finished yet:

And, yes, that is Shadow-dog. More on that contraption above him in another post.

Meanwhile, the seed boxes out front need some lettuce:

Are you going to be doing any gardening this year? Any flowers? Any veggies?

UPDATE: I wasn’t able to publish this yesterday. I’m good with that. Yesterday was a good day. So happy to be a priest. We night came we had quite the rain storm, with strong winds. Temps got down to only about 60F. One of the tomato plants was severed at ground level. I gave the stem a slant cut and planted it again. Maybe it’ll come back. Meanwhile, all the buckets went flying round the rectory, banging into things. When you’re woken up by unusual crashing and banging, you might think of any number of things. Going back to sleep, I had a dream about those who, in the same storm system, were wiped off the map by the winds and the rain and the flooding. Hail Mary…


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4 responses to “Starting the rectory garden, and then the winds blew and the floods came

  1. sanfelipe007

    Amen. Ah, the good earth.

  2. Aussie Mum

    Unfortunately I can’t garden anymore (can’t walk or bend to any significant degree) but I do enjoy seeing what you and others are doing in the garden, Father. I guess my enjoyment of your gardening could be called vicarious gardening.
    I’m sorry to hear of those “wiped off the map by the winds and the rain and the flooding” there; similar is happening here too. We have experienced unusually high winds and heavy rainfalls for the first quarter of the year (our summer into autumn) but have thankfully missed the serious flooding occurring further north and the loss of life, property and roads that resulted. The situation is easing in Queensland but parts of New South Wales are still under severe weather with evacuation orders ongoing. Hopefully the weather systems wreaking havoc in your part of the world, Father, and in mine will soon abate.

    • Father George David Byers

      Yes, beautiful days ahead. But it will be cold. I’ll have to put the buckets over the tomatoes.

      • Aussie Mum

        Yes, buckets of a night nurturing God’s creation throughout the cold weather … and when summer eventually arrives, enjoying the most flavoursome tomatoes ever – so much better for body and soul than buying from the supermarket. I wish I could interest my son in growing a food and flower garden.

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