Secretive (read: gnostic) meetings in Chicago with the Nuncio and Cardinals, (arch)bishops, select reporters

First of all, kudos to them, for they together did the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with Pope Francis and the other bishops of the world. Get that? I find that to be miraculous.

Second of all, weirdly, this meeting seems to have been all about disgust with straw men who it is said don’t accept the agenda of Pope Francis and the spirit of Vatican II, or is that the spirit of Pope Francis and the agenda of Vatican II?

  • I say “weirdly” because I don’t know of anyone who is against the person of Pope Francis. I offer Holy Mass for him frequently, that is, the actual Mass. I mean, who else does that? I know bishop Schneider does that. I bet Archbishop Viganò does that. No one is against Francis himself. What’s his agenda? I have no idea? Is it what they brow-beaters intend? Why don’t they clear it up for us? How about telling us all clearly what Pope Francis means with his incessant inconsistencies, contradictions, ambiguities, obviously purposed? I mean, that itself would contradict the very methodology of Pope Francis, wouldn’t it, or would it not? I don’t know, it’s all inconsistent and contradictory and ambiguous, isn’t it? And isn’t that they very clear point? But if we admit that, what does that even mean about the Lord Jesus who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, you know, He himself, not some ecclesiastic, not some reporter?
  • I say “weirdly” because I don’t know of anyone, including Pope Francis or any scholar of the Vatican II documents who knows exactly what they mean. I mean, I’ve forensically, minutely dissected various sentences of the Council, central texts, in Latin, even in their various drafts (the massive volumes of which were available in the general stacks of the Gregorian University library at the time). Some of these sentences come up short of saying, really, anything, making themselves available to such intense ambiguity that they can mean, really, anything. This was obviously done in a purposed manner by very clever people whose life work is messing around with words to do just this. I can name one particular name who had a hand in everything, whom I’ve studied quite extensively. But these ecclesiastics today, I’m sure not having done what I did, they claim to know what the Council said, what the “spirit” of the Council is? Pfft.

This all seems to me to be the very definition of raw power devoid of justice, devoid of mercy, devoid of reason, just power for the sake of power. But these guys have zero power before the Son of the Living God. The sheep and the lambs of the Lord’s Little Flock hear the voice of the Shepherd, Jesus, Mary’s dear Son, and follow Him, know Him, are friends with Him, cannot be ripped from His grasp. Power, they claim? Pfft. Even death has no power over the sheep and the lambs of the Lord’s Little Flock. How do I know, because we also pray for these guys that they might rejoice in mercy founded on justice. Yep.

Hail Mary…

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  1. sanfelipe007


    If it isn’t “The Spirit of God” or “Spirit of Love,” since God is love, then I’ll just as soon just leave it. “spirit of [insert agenda]” Yuck! “non servium!”

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