Vatican Blah Blah Synod™ homosexualists invade my diocese. Whisky, Tango, you know the rest.

Against ecclesiastical pressure, real coercion, coming from all directions, I remained steadfast in choosing NOT to participate in the Synod on Synodality, in choosing NOT to subject my parish family, the Lord’s Little Flock, to such abuse of giving a people a platform to crash our parish so as exuberantly to promote mortal sin. It’s all nice and polite and delicate and dainty this effervescent dialogue, they said. Do it, they said. Do it, or else… they said. Damn it, do it, or else… they said. But this violent Hegelian-Rahnerianism, this dialectical materialism that hates God, hates neighbor, hates self is what the “process” of the “dialogue” is all about. It’s about violently forcing hatred of Jesus Christ on believers, making them feel somehow guilty for not being against doctrine and morality and the spiritual life and reverent liturgy.

But – Hey! – don’t take my word for it. Let’s make the rounds. I was alerted to this idiocy by the great reporting of Jules Gomes over at Church Militant.

Here’s that article:

Just. Wow. thought I. So, then I went to the website of that parish in my own diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina, specifically that of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Hendersonville, which is just down the way from my own parish. But, wait… what? I know those priests. Would they countenance this? How did this happen? I bet they have their own side of the story and are eager to distance themselves from what happened with the Vatican. I’ll be checking their website periodically to see if they put up a disclaimer that also clearly and strongly reiterates the teaching of Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the true magisterial interventions of the Church that are in union with the entire history of salvation. So far, nothing. I’ll also be checking the website of Charlotte Diocese to see if there’s to be a similar intervention. So far, nothing. Whiskey. Tango. You know the rest.

Let’s take some snippets of what Jules has to say:

“VATICAN CITY ( – Pope Francis’ synodal process is routinely promoting LGBTQ+ propaganda on its official website, even commending homosexuals who adopt babies as “pro-life” champions. On Saturday, the Vatican’s General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops published three “testimonies of homosexual couples,” hailing them as stories of “a sexuality that gives life.”

“In the first story, a woman driving to an abortion mill stops at a red light to find a Facebook ad for a baby. The appeal is from fellow parishioner “Karl” — a homosexual living with his partner. “Why can’t someone just give us a baby?” asks Karl in his ad. The woman contacts Karl, who shares his frustration “because he wanted so much to have a child, but his marriage had not been blessed and all avenues had been explored and blocked.” “I’m going to the abortion clinic. If you had this child, would you adopt it?” the woman asks. “Of course, I’ll have to ask at home, but I think I can say yes,” Karl replies. The story climaxes with the revelation that “Parker” is now an 8-year-old boy “with two loving parents, Karl and Diego, whose relationship saved this child from abortion.”

“The second testimony commends homosexuals “Nick” and “Josh” from the diocese of Charlotte, who moved to Canada after they were “offended” by members of their local Catholic parish. The same-sex couple was “married” in Canada, and, after 15 years of marriage, adopted local teenagers with mental disabilities because “they wanted their sexuality to be truly life-giving,” the synod’s website trumpets, explaining how the couple is fulfilling “God’s call.”

“In the third story, “Matthew,” a popular teacher at a Catholic high school in the United States, marries his male partner in secret to keep his job. The same-sex couple makes a “pro-life” decision to adopt children from poor countries and save them from extreme poverty.

“The testimonies were collected by Noelle Therese Thompson, synod leader of the Immaculate Conception parish in Hendersonville, North Carolina, during synod conversations with same-sex couples in person and online.

But, surely, that Catholic Parish can’t have sent in that kind of rubbish to be published at the Vatican website, and surely that Vatican website wouldn’t publish such diatribes. Sigh. I predicted this.


That screen shot above is from the Vatican website. The following is verbatim from the Vatican website:

“The story, we are sharing, is actually three stories-testimonies that the synod leader of Immaculate Conception Parish in Hendersonville, North Carolina, USA, Noelle Therese Thompson, collected during synod conversations with same-sex couples in presence and online.

“We have summarised the three stories Noelle sent us. The titles are our own and in one of the stories we used a fictitious name.

“Parker’s pro-life story

“The following is one of the most moving stories from the conversations in the presence. It was told by a parishioner who introduced the story as a ‘true pro-life story’.

“A young woman was travelling by car to a place where she intended to have an abortion. At a red light, she opened Facebook to find at the top of her feed an appeal from another parishioner, Karl, whom the young pregnant woman knew: “Why can’t someone just give us a baby?”

“The young woman contacts her friend, who shares her frustration because he wanted so much to have a child, but his marriage had not been blessed and all avenues had been explored and blocked.

“– The young woman: “I’m going to the abortion clinic. If you had this child, would you adopt it?”.

“– Karl: “Of course I’ll have to ask at home, but I think I can say yes.”

“Today, Parker is an eight-year-old boy with two loving parents, Karl and Diego, whose relationship saved this child from abortion.

“The story of a sexuality that gives life

“A participant from the diocese told the story of a gay couple who came from the Diocese of Charlotte, but were offended by members of the Catholic church they attended. Josh and Nick moved to Canada, where they married and were together for more than 15 years. They wanted their sexuality to be truly life-giving, encouraging and adopting local teenagers with mental disabilities, to give them a chance at a better life, a home, an education and two loving parents. Since Josh is a counselor for teens with disorders, this was the perfect choice, allowing them to move forward in God’s call to help the population of mentally challenged teens in the area to better adapt and succeed in life.

Having a purpose: lifting children out of poverty

“The first member of the couple, Matthew (not his real name), is currently the favourite teacher at a Catholic high school in the United States and, while hiding his homosexuality, decides to marry his partner elsewhere. As a couple, they decide to foster, love and adopt young children internationally and, in doing so, lift them out of extreme poverty.

“Matthew’s greatest sadness is that he has to hide his sexuality in order to keep his job in a church institution and that he does not feel welcome in the Catholic Church precisely because of his sexuality which he considers God-given, and this despite his attempt to love the poor and destitute through his pro-life decision to adopt.”

My response: Homosexual sex is a sin, not a virtue. For mortal sin to be treated as heroic love is a mortal sin. It is grave scandal leading people straight to hell. Those who countenance this are committing grave sin and risking going straight to hell.

So, what to do? Those kids don’t have to be adopted by same-sex “couples.” They can be adopted to pious, real families. Pope Benedict XVI said that to let kids by adopted by same-sex “couples” is a mortal sin. Yep. It is NOT necessary.

So, what’s really happening? This isn’t just about glorifying “heroic” same-sex sex by the Vatican, thus ending all relevance of any and all doctrine, morality, spiritual life and reverent liturgy. It is all that, but this is about, more practically speaking, the Vatican kicking parishes and priests in the face, those parishes and priests who, with great kindness, attempt to instruct the wayward about the Living Truth of Jesus Christ. What’s happening is a persecution of the Church by the Vatican. How demonic is that? And, yes, Satanism is what this is all about. Same-sex sex is all about destroying the image of God found, as Genesis says, with male, female, marriage, family. Satanism is about destroying the image of God wherever this is to be found. Destroying the image of God is also murder and can bring people eternal death.

And so, what’s Pope Francis doing about this? Pope Francis says nothing. Actually, he complains about who knows what regarding who knows who? He addressed liturgy “specialists”, (I call them liturgical terrorists), complaining about those who cause division by using the liturgy. But he doesn’t say who, he doesn’t say how. But what we do know is that it’s about Traditiones custodes.

Meanwhile: So many are going to hell in a handbasket filled with homosexual sex-toys.

Meanwhile: Not in my parish. Not on my watch.


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8 responses to “Vatican Blah Blah Synod™ homosexualists invade my diocese. Whisky, Tango, you know the rest.

  1. Joisy Goil

    Just when you think you have seen and heard it all, you get another dose of ‘unbelievable, impossible reality’. We are certainly living in a time of contradictions.

    I suspect that when most of us read in the bible that the time was coming when ‘what is wrong will be right and what is right will be wrong’ not many of us had any idea HOW WRONG things would become.

    It is truly demoralizing – but we must not be dragged down into fear and negativity. Keep the faith! Jesus will Triumph! Pray to the Holy Spirit for courage and constancy.

    Don’t forget – Jesus said the ‘gates of hell will not prevail against My Church’.

  2. Maybe the Vatican should publish some real life stories about kids who have grown up in same sex households, who are now dealing with bad psychological (as well as spiritual) problems as adults. Maybe the Vatican should publish statistics about the kids who have grown up in same sex households, and gone on as adults to addictions, suicide attempts, etc. Maybe the Vatican needs to think about what future history will be saying about the really harmful effects that these Synods will have had on the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, there are no statistics that document the number of people who are winding up in hell because of the Vatican’s policy on homosexuality.

  3. jane a brown

    the army is being prepared….rosary in hand….God bless fr george for speaking the truth

  4. Gina Nakagawa

    The demon’s time is coming to an end. Evidently hell doesn’t care about either the discomfort of overcrowding or the possibility that it might spread
    Covid 19. The only thing hell cares about is snatching as many souls as possible from the Hand of God. So many are so sadly willing to give up that which is good, true and beautiful for eternity in the pit. Those who are not willing to acdept that ending must remail steadfast n matter the cost. In the end the reward is great and the loss devastating. It is not called The
    Church Militant for no reason.

  5. nancyv

    OK OK Fr. George! I won’t bug you anymore about participating in this sinod. From the info above, I’d say #*!@*&$#?! to this insipid evil. Keep your torch lit and carry on. We must do so as well. I really appreciate you and the community here.

  6. Aussie Mum

    The “Spirit” of Pope Francis’ Synod is not – cannot be – the Holy Spirit for its Spirit mocks truth, bringing fallen angels to mind. A “Church” inspired by fallen angels would be a demonic counterfeit: the anti-Church awaiting the anti-Christ.

  7. I have just seen an advertisement for a documentary produced by Martin Scorsese about Fr J Martin aptly named Building Bridges. I have to wonder if it was premiered at The Synod. My thought was there is big money behind this campaign. Big Money.

  8. sanfelipe007

    Good comments, everyone. This is all you have left for me to say. Amen.

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