Nepotism comes to Andrews

  • STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA – NC Office of Human Resources » Policies » Selection of Applicants /// All agencies shall select from the pool of the most qualified persons to fill vacant positions. Employment shall be offered based upon the job-related qualifications of applicants for employment using fair and valid selection criteria and not on political affiliation or political influence. Nepotism is not permitted. The selection of applicants for vacant positions shall be based upon a relative consideration of their qualifications for the position to be filled. Using fair and valid selection criteria, the agency shall review the credentials of each applicant and determine who possesses the minimum qualifications. From those applicants who meet the minimum qualifications, a pool of the most qualified candidates shall be identified. The pool of the most qualified candidates shall be those individuals determined to be substantially more qualified than other applicants. The individual selected for the position must be chosen from the pool of the most qualified applicants. Selection procedures and methods shall be validly related to the duties and responsibilities of the vacancy to be filled.
  • CHEROKEE COUNTY PERSONNEL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES – CHAPTER 6. CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT – Section 5. Limitation on Employment of Relatives = 1. No two members of an immediate family shall be employed within the same department without approval of the County Manager. Under no circumstances will an employee be supervised by one of their immediate family members or work on the same crew with an immediate family member. 2. The term “immediate family” means an employee’s wife, husband, mother, father, guardian, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandchild, and grandparent, as well as the various combinations of half, step, in-law, and adopted relationships that can be derived from those family members named herein.
  • TOWN OF ANDREWS PERSONNEL POLICIES – On 19 April 2022 town aldermen voted 3-1 to trash anti-nepotism policy.

My comment: The Parks and Recreation Department and the Police Department have already taken advantage of the anti-anti-nepotism rule, with the head of each department hiring their sons. My comment on this is that I have no comment. This post is simply for the record. I’m just reporting the facts.


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4 responses to “Nepotism comes to Andrews

  1. nancyv

    Well. ch-ch-ch-changes. This was a bit of news I didn’t expect to see. And I am just wondering what else might come to pass.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Great graphic, Father! I grew up working for my father in the private sector. He made sure that his children & wife were paid less than everyone else.
    We all, mom especially, believed that he was just cheap, but after a few years, we realized that this arrangement made him bullet-proof to to charges of favoritism (not nepotism)! when anyone charged him with nepotism, his response was “yeah, so what? I own this business, and they make less than you do!”
    Of course this does not work in the public sector, where those in charge have no “skin” in the game, and can peddle influence, position, and contracts to their profit.

  3. Aussie mum

    Sons have been trained and worked under their fathers since the dawn of history. Wasn’t Our Lord apprenticed to St Joseph? I see nothing wrong with a man training and employing sons and others that he has a responsibility for as long as the young men are capable of mastering the work they are being tasked with and are interested in doing so. Surely to ban such would be anti-family.
    Whether or not anti-family policy is recognised as such at the lower levels of a state organisation, it certainly is grasped higher up the chain of command. The powers that be aim to destroy the family and are therefore pushing the liberal / marxist / feminist mentality bent on “re-visioning” the traditional family (and its defender, the Catholic Church) as an institution of patriarchal oppression. According to their lackeys in government, the media and academia (especially the Schools of Sociology and Education), the family must be democratised: “male privilege” torn down and masculinity emasculated for the sake of gender equality in the home and workplace.
    Even though the Cherokee County Personnel Policy referred to in Father’s post does not, at first glance, appear linked to attacks on pro-life organisations and the Church (the imprisonment of innocent priests, the damaging of church buildings etc … even inter-religious dialogue) each are pieces of the same whole cloth, hatred for Jesus Christ and His Church.

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