Vatican extends vax mandate Super Green Pass. When Secretary of State’s political science becomes politicized science.

UPSHOT: for the Catholic Church around the world, it’s not over until it’s over, and that’s not when politicized CDC “science” says it’s over (never) or when local sycophant politicians say it’s over (never), but when the Pope says it’s over (apparently never). That, of course, affects policies also in the Church world-wide. There are both cons and pros to all this.


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10 responses to “Vatican extends vax mandate Super Green Pass. When Secretary of State’s political science becomes politicized science.

  1. Joisy Goil

    Gee whiz, I seem to remember when people thought God was Supreme and more important and powerful than germs, evil, disinformation, etc, etc. Gee, I must be real OLD!

  2. pelerin

    It is such a pity that we do not have another Archbishop Sheen today. Pope Francis canonised 10 people today including Charles de Foucauld and googling around I found an excellent and entertaining talk on him given by Archbishop Sheen. I wonder what Sheen would have made of the Church today.

  3. Catherine

    Are these mandate instructions coming from our Pope or from China. China would love to destroy the Catholic Church or whats left of it. They aren’t done with terminating the Church faithful through the harmful effects of the viruses. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that Pope Francis, Cardinal Parolin and also now Mr. Theodore McCarrick and others were involved with selling out the Chinese Christians, Catholic priests and bishops. Now Cardinal Parolin is after our priests and Catholics. I wonder if Cardinal Parolin and the Pope remember the words of Jesus from Matthew 16:18: “The gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ). But in the meantime, they are doing a lot of damage.

    Also technically, these are not traditional vaccines but rather are for genetic modifications. The lab. testing of these vaccines were 100% death rate in the animals. So why do the leaders, etc. want to vaccinate everyone so badly that they disregard our human rights and choices? The medical institutions know that the injuries and deaths due directly to the vaccines are high but yet they persist in pushing this deadly “vaccine”.

    My husband and I are seniors. For the time being, we have been able to avoid being vaccinated. However, we can’t travel to see our family and we are alone. My family, chose against their will, to be vaccinated except the grandchildren for now. I pray to God that they will be ok. We are prisoners in Canada. Its disgraceful that the Church is involved with the vaccine mandating, etc. I haven’t been to Church for over two years now. I don’t have a vaccine passport to get in. The damage the Church has done to people is a form of genocide to our souls.

    God loves us all…even those who are doing these dastardly wrongs against God and mankind. God has sent His Mother Mary to lead us in this fight against evil. We need to keep fighting for that day when our eyes will be opened. We will be able to see Jesus walking among us and we will be at Peace. In the meantime, I believe it is prudent to avoid taking the “vaccines”. I have researched this subject for a long time and I am confident that my husband and I are doing the right thing. BUT the most important reason for not taking the vaccine is because of the unborn children. Trading a life for “the greater good of another” is still murder and that breaks the Commandments that God gave us.

    God bless us all!


  4. Joisy Goil

    Catherine, I agree with you 100% in everything you said.

  5. sanfelipe007

    How awful! To be barred from the Eucharist. Lord have mercy. May the Lord send you a Communion caller.

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