Multiple agency distraction

There’s an old Chinese curse: “May you have an interesting life.”

Hmm. Gotta wonder if there’s been any cursing going on about my neighborhood, which has been interesting right along. Last night, already in bed, a call came in from a neighbor for the neighbors. “Come on over!” An interesting life makes for a long day. But it’s good to be a good neighbor and be a priestly extra set of eyes and ears and a listener when things get stressful.

Multiple law enforcement agencies were deescalating a guy who allegedly crossed a line, so to speak, some minutes before. Previously, after mag dumping a pistol in the neighborhood, he presented a loaded double-barreled shotgun to some of our incredibly patient officers who merely assisted him to the ground with the best deescalation techniques ever. We’ll see if a judge can say anything this coming week about the present alleged incident.

There are priests in the diocese who are thinking that this parish amounts to living the quiet life and that they would want something more interesting. Be careful what you ask for.


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4 responses to “Multiple agency distraction

  1. sanfelipe007

    WE recently (our Parish} buried a retired LEO whose children had attended the Catholic school. He was well known and beloved. A towering man who, I just learned, had the most wondrous way of calming a -ahem- passenger in the back of his patrol car.
    When a passenger started kicking and screaming after being “seated,” this LEO would suggest that they sing a Christmas Carol. “What’s your favorite Christmas Carol?” Is how he would start. Soon they were caroling together.
    Extraordinary man. He is already missed.

  2. nancyv

    “There are priests in this diocese … want something more interesting…”
    There are priests who have lost focus it seems. I am grateful to God that you somehow 🙂 do all the tasks He asks of you and still write this blog. You and Archbishop Cordileone shine in the same way.

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