Andrews, NC: just about zero internet

So, it’s been about 48 hours with exactly zero internet. It’ll work for a few hours, sporadically, weakly, chaotically, and then disappear altogether for even, now, days at a time.

And, no, there’s is no possibility of Starlink here until sometime in 2023. And even if someone were able to get it, few others would have it and so couldn’t find anything that’s been put up on the internet anyway as they wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet. So, nothing. It basically amounts to a news blackout as many people don’t have television.

Some recommend just getting cable. But much of that is some company getting a wifi signal from the tower like everyone else and splitting that weak signal up through a cable with customers of nothing. Customer comments are categorized by how many four letter words are used per comment. So, no.

Meanwhile, the diocese is shocked… shocked I say, that I find it impossible to open up emails from the diocese for even days at a time because of lack of bandwidth. The diocese is forever thinking that all parishes are big-city parishes. We’re not that. Sometimes I can open up the log-in page of the diocesan email system. Sometimes I can get to the in-box. But rarely can I open up the emails themselves for lack of bandwidth, for hours or even days at a time. Then I’m content to give up for quite a while.

Mind you, this is not to complain. It simply is what it is. This is just an explanation for lack of posts in recent days. I’m sure there will come a time, perhaps sooner than later, when no one will be able to afford anything to do with the internet anyway.

For me, I enjoy communicating widely with the Lord’s Little Flock. But I’m only very content to be in whatever circumstances the Lord wishes. There’s uninterrupted communication between the Lord Jesus and the sheep of His Little Flock. Thanks be to God.


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5 responses to “Andrews, NC: just about zero internet

  1. nancyv

    Well, I believe you about the internet. You are having trouble (or maybe it’s ME) ‘cuz my comments not going through.

    • Father George David Byers

      Yes. I can approve a comment a hundred times and it stays in moderation saying its unapproved. It’s not just you.

      • nancyv

        hmmm….my comment for your next post didn’t even allow me to wordpress, so I’ll try again here.
        Hold the torch Father and know we are praying for your intentions as they are our own.

  2. Joisy Goil

    I am glad that the internet was the problem and not health or other ‘issues’. I know I probably speak for the majority of your readers when I say we love and pray for you Father George.

    It is dismaying that your and your community are being isolated by communication black outs. (another chastisement) But cable may not be the answer. It’s expensive and service isn’t as good as they advertise. Plus to receive cable television, cable distribution lines must be available on the local utility poles or underground utility lines, this is expensive if it spans a long distance. Cable companies probably can’t (or won’t) accommodate a small community.

    Does the post office still deliver? No sarcasm meant, just wondering about options.

  3. Joisy Goil

    I should have said cable communication – not just TV.

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