Food shortage crisis coming to a mouth near your face. Are you ready?

That picture of the famine in Ethiopia in the 1980s is likely to be repeated in about a dozen African countries and more around the world in a few months time, say, by August 2022. This will have a direct affect on the availability of food for the rest of the world population, in which you are included. This situation has come about and is now quite unavoidable because the Russia/Ukraine conflict has decimated farmers in Ukraine, again. No fertilizer. No grain.

This is called “The Great Reset.” You will experience what happens when people get hungry. Not only will there be chaos in supermarkets (and I do recommend prudent stocking up of long-shelf-life supplies and beans and rice), but there will be home invasions. Just my prediction, but methinks we will devolve into a warlord situation. You ready for that?

Readers of this blog will, of course, be thinking of the Bread of Life, the Bread of the Angels, the availability of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Well. I don’t know. We’ll have to see what happens after the Supreme Court decision is published. Will we have another “Summer of Love” with Black Lives Matter intent on proving that they love mansions even while they set about proving that they hate God and hate neighbor and want to commit black genocide by encouraging the murder of black babies in their wombs of their black mothers (proportionally black women are targeted for abortion). Will we see Antifa participate in “mostly peaceful protests”, say, within Catholic churches during Sunday Mass, turning church campuses into CHOPs and CHAZs? If they are given food as pay for assaulting parishioners and priests, yep, I guess that would be the case. Can we then keep the Eucharist safe in tabernacles. No.

Having said that, will we still have Mass no matter what? Yes. We must have the Bread that provides eternal life, providing our Lord Jesus Himself.

Meanwhile, seriously, do you have starvation rations at hand for a long recovery from disaster, say, rice and beans and such? It’s not very keto-y, and it’s a pain, but I think this would be prudent, you know, before there’s mayhem at supermarkets. Even without all rubbish going on in the world, this is still prudent. There are natural disasters, etc.


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2 responses to “Food shortage crisis coming to a mouth near your face. Are you ready?

  1. pelerin

    Yes I have noticed empty shelves in my local supermarket for the last few weeks. But happily there is always an alternative on sale if I cannot find what I went in for.

  2. nancyv

    I hope I will be able to persevere in praising and thanking God in whatever the future holds. But I am weak and know I’ll fail. Storing up prayers now.

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