Pope’s Uvalde comments. Strawman.

  • “Ho il cuore affranto per la strage nella scuola elementare in Texas. Prego per i bambini, per gli adulti uccisi e per le loro famiglie. È tempo di dire basta al traffico indiscriminato delle armi. Impegniamoci tutti, perché tragedie così non possano più accadere.”

My own loose translation:

  • “My heart is in mourning on account of the massacre at the elementary school in Texas. I pray for the children, the adults killed and for their families. It is time to say enough to the indiscriminate trafficking of arms. Let us all work so that tragedies like this can no longer take place.”

“It is time to say enough…” So, when was there ever a time when indiscriminate trafficking of arms was acceptable? Never. Where was there ever a place in which indiscriminate trafficking of arms was acceptable? Nowhere. So, this is yet another straw man to attack, flailingly, so that one’s “doing something” is a waste of time and an insult to those innocents who continue to lose their lives.

  • “But Father George! Father George! Give the Pope a break! Everyone says stuff like that! He’s just trying to show concern!”

No. Kids are dying and are dead because of rubbish like this. And it’s not everyone saying stuff like that. It’s only the marxist MSM. Anyone think I’m wrong about Pope Francis on weapons?

Back in 2014, Pope Francis had some comments about anyone who has anything to do with even the manufacturing of guns, condemning all of them individually and indiscriminately:

  • “I am thinking of those who manufacture weapons for fomenting wars; just think about what kind of job this is. I am certain that if I were to ask: how many of you manufacture weapons? No one, no one. These weapons manufacturers don’t come to hear the Word of God! These people manufacture death, they are merchants of death and they make death into a piece of merchandise. May fear of the Lord make them understand that one day all things will come to an end and they will have to give account to God.”

Seriously? I’m guessing that there are plenty of upstanding, religious people who work on production lines at, say, Benelli, Beretta, Browning, Glock, Heckler & Koch, Remington, Ruger, SIG Sauer, Taurus, Walther, Winchester and dozens of others. They all surely go through background checks continuously. Are they really to be condemned to hell for eternity?

With Pope Francis, there’s clearly no right to defend one’s country against violent unjust aggression by joining the military which uses guns, or to defend kids in an elementary school as an SRO by training up with appropriate tools such as guns, or to participate in law enforcement to serve and protect citizens in good standing over against deadly aggression also by usage of guns, or to come to the aid of one’s neighbors or oneself when deadly aggression comes to the doorsteps of the neighborhood, also by usage of guns. For Pope Francis, the very fact of the existence of weapons is bad and evil, so that, a fortiori, worse than the manufacturing of weapons is the use of weapons. Any use.

So, what’s really going on? Does Pope Francis allow weapons in Vatican City for his own protection? And you’ll recognize the names of the manufacturers as well:

  • The Swiss Guard carry a SIG Sauer P220 pistol and the SIG SG 550 rifle or its SG 552 variant.
  • Vatican City’s Gendarmerie carries various types of Glocks as standard-issue. They also use the Beretta M12 and the Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine gun.

Let’s take look at a few of the tools of the Swiss Guard:

Then the tools of the Gendarmerie (I myself use the G-19 gen 4 as EDC):

There are plenty of plain-clothes guys:

And also special response teams:

Meanwhile, Tucker asks what’s going on with mostly young men who go on rampages. He makes lots of good points, but asks for a real discussion.

Meanwhile, Ben Shapiro notes the obvious as only he can:

  • Gun control was the discussion in Texas but it can’t be the discussion in New York because New York already has very heavy gun control. So instead, the discussion was about white supremacy. If it’s a New York subway shooting where it isn’t about gun control or white supremacy, the incident is simply ignored. If it’s a shooting at a religious building in California it’s a hate crime but it’s not about gun control as there’s already more than a lot of gun control, so that’s also ignored.

Might I venture a guess as to what’s happening?

  • Increasing violence of young men isn’t at all predetermined by the lack of a good father figure in the home. No. But, statistically, we see that to a very large degree a couple of good parents is beneficial. If they are not worth a father sticking around to help raise them they can quickly get the idea that no one’s life matters.
  • What doesn’t help are liberal school policies that push hatred of God, neighbor and hatred of self with Critical Race Theory. Students can quickly get the idea that no one’s life matters at that point.
  • What doesn’t help are liberal school policies that super-hyper-sexualize children from pre-pre-school, instructing them about sex-acts, stripping them of any kind of individual identity, grooming them into thinking that their bodies are mere pieces of meat for the utilitarian usage of the state and others and self. Students can quickly figure out that no one’s life matters at that point.
  • What doesn’t help is atheist teachers smacking down any prayer, any relationship with God, and therefore smacking down any rejoicing that the image of God in which students have a vocation to participate is described, as Genesis says, with male/female/marriage/family. When the image of God, who we are before God and each other is trashed, then students can quickly figure out that no one’s life actually matters.

Here’s the deal: if you rip away all possibility of identity from individuals, they will lash out in overwhelming cynicism that asks the question: “Are all y’all so sure that no one’s life matters; how about yours?” And then they force an answer, “Oh, it’s a tragedy.” But apparently that answer is a lie, because no one goes to the heart of what’s happening. They stick with the same ol’ same ol’: “Blame inanimate objects but we’re going to destroy children’s identities all the same!” Sigh. Instead, we need our religious leaders to bring us to the truth, and not fall back on liberal talking points that keep getting kids murdered. So:

  • Let’s stop attacking Jesus, attacking doctrine, attacking morality, attacking liturgy and attacking the spiritual life. Let’s stop demonic idol worship. Let’s stop attacking the Way, the Truth and the Life.
  • Let’s start again to talk about and worship our Lord and God, Christ Jesus. Let’s get back correct doctrine, correct morality, correct liturgy and correct spiritual life that all brings identity in Christ Jesus, that all brings back joy in the Holy Spirit in a life lived well before self, before neighbor and before God. Anything else brings dead children in its wake.

I’m guessing that, after SCOTUS publishes their decision on kicking abortion law back to the States, there will be another “Summer of Love” here in the USA, this time not with attacks on Federal and local law enforcement, with a CHAZ here or a CHOP there, but inside any church during whatever services, all wrought by those who have been taught to kill children in the womb or just born. There are plenty of Catholic schools which do field trips to abortion clinics to teach girls where to go if, you know, they put their sex-ed into practice. But then the “official line” of the Church is no abortion. Kids will lash out. I can’t think of anyone who would hate herself more than a woman who just had an abortion. Statistically the day a woman has an abortion is the day more than any other that she will at least attempt suicide. All of it so very sad.

People have a right to have witnessed to them what Jesus did for us in laying down His life for us, the Innocent for the guilty, so that He has the right in His own justice to have mercy on us, to bring us to heaven. But who talks about Jesus anymore? So many priests and bishops and Cardinals – and the Pope – promote LGBTQI+. The last thing they want to do is talk about Jesus, talk about our identity in Jesus.

If people do not have Jesus witnessed to them, they have a right before the throne of God to take the witness. That means martyrdom. People lashing out won’t go to Styrofoam cowardly people. They will go to real people. Good laity, any good priests, any good bishops, innocent children, and take witness from them. There are heroic teachers and heroic little students who I’m sure tried to help each other, protect each other. The loss of their lives bids us to do what is right in bringing back true identity to individuals.

Where is God in all of this? He’s the one being executed for bringing us back the possibility of our true identities. Get that? God gave His all for us in the midst of all the hell of this world so as to provide us, if we want it in His grace, our true identities in which we can rejoice before God, neighbor and ourselves. That’s what’s going to reverse the sharp increase in violence among disenfranchised young men. People keeping up with prayer and the commandments and regular Confession are relatively speaking extremely less likely to go on rampages like this.

Oh, and just to say, might it not be a good idea to go ahead and harden the soft targets, like elementary schools and churches, maybe not to the extent of Vatican City State, but you know what I mean. :-) Training of teams includes situational awareness, de-escalation techniques, etc.

Finally, the Diocese sent out prayer intentions:


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14 responses to “Pope’s Uvalde comments. Strawman.

  1. Dianna

    I live in San Antonio, 80 miles from Uvalde. Guns are not the problem…its people, their lives, their problems, their education. Just look at Chicago, toughest gun laws in the US…yet violence is beyond belief. This 18yr old boy was so angry. There are photos of him wearing skirts and makeup. I don’t condone his actions – no, I see. The erosion of the family, the rise of social media, the loss of God in life. No…guns are inanimate, people are responsible. There will be more…so long as we choose to polarize our beliefs and hate incessently. Mental health…our young are so in need of help. Everyone out there…pray for tge minds of our young.

  2. The kids (now grown-up) who bullied the shooter when he was a kid for having various personal characteristics, should I hope be remembering their past actions towards him and hopefully are taking some spiritual responsibility towards what their actions did to another human being and how what they did could have been a contributing factor towards making him into someone who could do what he did. I hope present-day kids who are presently engaged in bullying will learn from this too, as well as teachers, those in charge, etc. who ignore kid’s bullying as harmless.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    We have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind. We have tossed God Himself into the trash and murder the unborn. What do we expect?

  4. pelerin

    Here in Britain we look on this tragedy in disbelief. We have had one shooting at a school here and that was 26 years ago. Yes sadly we have had knifings from time to time but these do not produce mass killings as guns do. We fail to understand the American love of guns.

    • Aussie Mum

      “Here in Britain we look on this tragedy in disbelief.” We do here too. Up until about 50 years ago Australia’s culture was still predominantly British with a strong Irish undercurrent but the younger generations (50 years old and younger) have been slowly becoming more American in outlook, at first with a tendency to “adore” all things American but now moving left with American radicals the new heroes (leftist “saviours”). Even so, mass shootings here are rare. Beginning 1991, Australia has had 4 school shootings but no fatalities, and 2 shootings at universities with three deaths in total. A mass-shooting occurred at a cafe in Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia’s southern-most state, in 1996 killing 35 people but thankfully nothing on that scale has happened since. Shootings causing the death of 4 victims are classified “mass-shootings” in Australia and therefore the murder-suicide of a family of 5 in my state (NSW) in 2014 was reported that way. There have been a few small scale incidents like that in Australia in recent years.

  5. pelerin

    The tragedy just gets worse. I have just learnt that the husband of one of the teachers who was killed has died from a heart attack. And I understand they had four children.

  6. monicabraicu

    Yes, Fr. George, all that you wrote is true! The most important thing is the family, the father…and as we know, in this extremely sad case, he was not in the picture. The dark forces are lurking around to get in this confused young people, winning their deluded heart to act in their behalf. I do believe that this young male was possesed and you are right, when God is excluded from schools and public area, the enemy is welcomed. I really liked your information about all the ammunition that the Holy Father is using in his city.
    When will he part with that? God bless you, Fr. George!

  7. Joisy Goil

    As so many have said, it is not guns that are the problem. If guns had never existed there would still be murders. Look to the very first murder – done by rocks and sticks. are we to outlaw rocks and sticks? What would be next, HANDS?

    What should be done is exactly what has been suggested here. Strengthen families, return to respect for God and His laws, and finally respect for life. How can anyone believe lives are valuable when babies can be killed with impunity even after birth?.

  8. Monica Harris

    I heard something alarming at a get-together for Coalition for Cancelled Priests last night. One priest said that bishops are viewing their priests as “liabilities” and there will continue to be a transition to lay-run parishes. (?!?)

    Father Byers is so correct re: “People lashing out won’t go to Styrofoam cowardly people.” The whole point about being a Catholic priest is to be a Sign of Contradiction, as Jesus is, and when one is instead treated as a liability, also by his own bishop (who is supposed to be a sign of contradiction as well) what are we left with?

    More Styrofoam cowardly people. And then MORE people lashing out. Because, deep down, they want Truth, in all His Glory.

    • Aussie Mum

      I totally agree, Monica.

    • pelerin

      Regarding lay-run parishes by coincidence today I was sent a short video by a French priest (Fr Michel Zanotti-Sorkine) on ‘Why the fashion for lay- run funerals in France?’ He explains that it is not a fashion but a necessity when priests are responsible sometimes for 30 or 40 parishes and in at least one case 70 rural churches.
      There is indeed a shortage of priests and yet in Paris there are about 100 churches which are served by 500 priests. (They all attended the installation last week of their new Archbishop which formed an impressive sight.) What I fail to understand is why some of these priests cannot be sent out to the areas which are suffering from the lack of priests.

      • Aussie Mum

        Pelerin, perhaps the priests (disheartened and / or having lost the faith) don’t want to leave city comforts behind, and the bishops are content to have women (feminist / would-be priest variety) assume responsibility for their “priestless parishes”. Such have become a field to exploit by those who want to change the Church and these women are full of zeal. I saw it happening here – not the diocese I am in now – in the 1990s. it was a shock, not realising until then that subversion of the Church was going on behind the scenes, hidden from general view.

  9. Aussie Mum

    “Anyone think I’m wrong about Pope Francis on weapons?
    No, you aren’t wrong Father.
    Pope Francis often says one thing but does another. He acts the pacifist and rejects the Church’s understanding that there is such a thing as a just war, all the while enjoying the protection of weapons he would deny others. His sympathy for the victims of the latest school shooting rings false: an act to look good and gain support for gun control. To be in league with the leftists / progressives who seem on the verge of assuming global dictatorship (through the WEF, UN and similar networks that are all interconnected) is what the world would think wise. The problem for us is that, as far as can be determined at this time, he is our Pope; that he is causing massive confusion and leading souls astray is serious.

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