Adoration on Memorial Day Weekend

We are most in union with the members of the Body of Christ living on this side or already on the other side when we are in union with the Head of the Body of Christ Himself. Adoration early in the morning is good for the soul, good for the souls in purgatory, good for souls on this earth, good for the all too worldly souls to assist in their home-coming.


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3 responses to “Adoration on Memorial Day Weekend

  1. sanfelipe007

    I went to Confession yesterday! Thanks be to God!

    • nancyv

      See how easy that is Mrs. Pelosi? If Sanfelipe007 can do it, you can too!
      I hope you take this in all fun 007, and Pelosi take it in all seriousness.
      A good Confession is tantamount to a good receiption of Jesus. I am JUST learning this after all these years. Yes, Thanks be to God!
      Father, I am sharing your comments and pic on my FB as the best way to “celebrate” Memorial Day. Thank you.

  2. I wish my parish had Adoration on Memorial Day weekend. So inspiring to see all those people there at adoration – thank you.

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