MASS OF THE AGES Part 2: A Perfect Storm

That’s Part 2 above.

If you missed or would like to review Part 1, that’s just below:

This just now came out, so Part 3 will be a while in the making.

The webpage for the creators of this Trilogy is

I’ve seen Part 1. That was great. I haven’t sat through Part 2, yet. Have you seen it?


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6 responses to “MASS OF THE AGES Part 2: A Perfect Storm

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Great also!!

  2. sanfelipe007

    I was too late (by 7minutes) to leave for Mass this morning, and am waiting (two hours) to attend the next one. My Mom said if you can’t get there before Mass starts, wait for the next one, unless it’s the last one, then Get in there!
    I’ve got 40 minutes to watch, so here goes…

  3. Claire Dion

    Loving these videos on the latin Mass Fr. Byers. Thank you for introducing them to me.

  4. sanfelipe007

    Wonderful film! Looking forward to the next. I am praying for the full restoration of the Latin Mass. But with so many Priests who do not “speak Latin,” the laity have their work cut out for them to influence their Bishops.
    Talk about inertia to overcome, first within ourselves, then our neighbors, then , the clergy. But this will happen in God’s good time, not our immediate schedule.

  5. pelerin

    Those films are so informative. Thank you for posting them. Professor Kwasniewski’s comment about a ‘reduction in rubrics’ with the accompaning graphics was certainly an eye opener for me. I knew we had lost many of the Mass prayers but never imagined so many had gone. Interesting to know that the aim was ‘getting the youth back into the Church’. My sons were brought up with the ‘Gloria clap clap’ and folk Masses with guitar. They were born in 1968 and 1975 and to my great sadness neither has been near a church for many years.

  6. Anne

    What a blessing to have Latin Mass right in our town! I, too, love the “silence” of the TLM. Union with the Holy Trinity is fostered. More prayer time brings about closeness to God’s love. Thank you, Father Byers! I “get” why you love the TLM so much. There will be movement back to what is fruitful.

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