First reaction to TOPGUN Maverick

Great! That’s the USMC Navy pilots I know. Exactly. Well done. They say it’s all fiction. Yep. I get that. But it reflects reality. Especially the bit about no one left behind, ever, against orders, at least that’s the USMC way. There is honesty. There is integrity. Dad didn’t talk much about his experiences, but what he did share about missions such as this – with rescues, the whole thing – had me enter into an understanding of the dynamics of the best of the best in the military. Doing away with protocol to do the right thing with no compromise is what I learned, in which your higher-ups in life have to catch up with you. Smacked down, smacked down, smacked down, and then… even they get it, or you can live with yourself and before God and neighbor. It’s all good.

This movie isn’t the Dem point of view of the military. This is the patriotic actuality of the best of the best in the military. I only wish we had leadership in the country right now that would allow excellence in the military to take care of situations. Instead, the Dem answer to everything is betrayal and running away, not just America last, but humanity last. I fully expect the Dems to do away with the TOPGUN program, perceiving TOPGUN as an insult to the Dem way of doing things. Well, it’s that for sure, but that’s not TOPGUN’s fault.

The movie doesn’t say who the nuclear adversary is, but it seems obvious to me that it’s Iran ever so very close to starting a nuclear conflagration. While this movie is about the TOPGUN pilots of these USA, Israel has done what happens in the film a number of times over against Iran, maybe not with the exact logistics depicted, but this has been going on for many decades with many strikes with many miracles. And there is topography for nuclear facilities just as seen in the film.

While watching the film it occurred to me many times that there’s quite the exact analogy with priests and bishops, with the bishops thinking that their priests are liabilities and the priests are smacked down again and again and again but then, it’s all good (well, at least at the last judgment if one has stood steadfastly in solidarity with the Lord in His trials).

Even military aviators aren’t going to nitpick at this much since whatever was popularized, so to speak, for audiences to be able to understand, is negligible when faced with the incredible feats of aviation actually carried out on screen. The pilots who did this… wow… great… congratulations… In any other administration you would all be getting some kind of presidential commendations for lifting moral in these difficult times.

So, did I like TOPGUN Maverick. That would be a Yes. And, I’d see it again in the future.


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2 responses to “First reaction to TOPGUN Maverick

  1. nancyv

    Glad you got to see it and give a good review. (and you must have gotten the matinee AND senior discount for $5.50 🙂

  2. Jura Ashley

    My husband and I had the exact reaction you did. Hopefully will be catalyst for young ones to follow the same character. Bravo!

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