Incoming! “Kill all the kids!” Wait… What?

An ad hominem attack on the viability of my priesthood and my being pastor of my parish recently came into the comments section on one of my posts. The reason for the attack was that I had offered a way to change any law enforcement “wait and see” policy so as to promote viable on-the-spot rescuing of kids in an active shooter situation, even during a time when it is thought that the shooter is hiding and all the kids are already dead, because we don’t and can’t know that they are all dead, with some kids surely covering themselves in the blood of their friends so as to play dead, with some endangering themselves by calling 911, with some needing life-saving medical attention, and with sporadic gunfire still continuing, surely aimed at any law enforcement, but possibly also at kids who are still alive and get caught squirming in fear and pain, or simply breathing.

That post was removed (I don’t know how), but surely it was considered not to be politically correct with my just wanting the threat neutralized so as to rescue the kids. The commenter mocked me for desiring vengeance against the active shooter, proving, he said, that my being a Missionary of Mercy had to be fake. I don’t have the exact words because after some days, that comment has also somehow disappeared from the comments moderation archive. That’s creepy.

I guess it’s only acceptable to political correctness to make sure all kids die so as aid in the repeal of the 2nd amendment. After all, the vast majority of the kids were “brown”, and the commenter attacking me for wanting to save the kids is as lily white as lily white can be. So…

In the video up top of this post, the great Sheriff Grady Judd says exactly what I said in my post, with the only difference being that he’s been training his guys prior to any critical incident to do exactly what I recommended be done. I have no apologies for my strategies to save the kids. None. I continue to believe that defense of the innocent is part of Natural Law, that is, a God-given right that comes with a God-given duty. But any hacker trying to take down anything of Sheriff Judd will feel the immediate full force of their most excellent computer experts. Just try them, my commenter friend. You’ll find out.

Anyway, again, this is not to feed the trolls. This guy could actually hurt me. Someone in the Vatican will surely be aghast with me because of what he writes and want we put in a smaller parish except that I’m already in the tiniest parish in North America :-) . The commenter is an “influencer” among what I call the mainstream Styrofoam neo-conservatives, with a huge national and international following. He’s to be found everywhere on radio, television, films, blogs, every stripe of social media written and video, all kinds of newspapers, publishing a multitude of books, a giant amongst the Styrofoam neo-Catholic crowds but always dismissively trolling real believers. I had to look him up because I’m not sure if I’ve ever even heard of him. Sorry. My bad. He called out my own bishop, whom I’m guessing he’s going to write to complain about me, seeing if he has the power to get me removed from the parish, and the priesthood, you know, for wanting to see kids lives saved by suggesting real-time, real-world solutions. I’m not publishing his name, because I’m guessing he was in a drunken state when he wrote what he did.

I’m trying to be merciful to the kids and to him, not to mention to any shooter. It behooves any shooter of the innocent to be inactivated. It’s a mercy to the shooter. I prayed for the commenter and the shooter and, of course, the kids, victims and survivor-victims and family victims alike. Am I wrong to want to save the kids? Am I wrong to pray for them all? Hail Mary…


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5 responses to “Incoming! “Kill all the kids!” Wait… What?

  1. God protect you Father. Thank you for continuing to speak out against evil.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    Father, I hope and pray that those last questions are rhetorical. Of course do everything to save the kids for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    I admire this sherrif. He always is a straight talking, no nonsense leader. Sadly justice sometimes dictates acting decisevly.

  4. Karen

    Thank you Father,
    ad hominem attacks are of course contrary to the Faith ..
    and this constant revision of the written record is deeply concerning.
    I am hugely grateful to you for continuing to speak the truth fearlessly,
    may God protect you,
    warmest regards,
    Karen in Cambridge , UK

  5. sanfelipe007

    Remain bold and courageous, Father! We’ve got your Spiritual back.

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