DOS tells Catholics they have no free exercise of religion. Flying flag-rantly against Jesus.

If you’re an American citizen in good standing and a true Catholic you are disinvited to visit the United States Embassy to the Holy See.

Jn 3:16 is not the only 3:16 in the Bible. There’s Revelation 3:16, about God vomiting the idiots out of His mouth.

  • “But Father George! Father George! It’s just “Pride Month!” Get over it!”

Actually, this is more likely to be a thanksgiving to Pope Francis for his pro-homosexualist statements and his recent appointments of militant homosexualists.


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10 responses to “DOS tells Catholics they have no free exercise of religion. Flying flag-rantly against Jesus.

  1. So sad, that in June, the month of the Sacred Heart, that this takes place – what an affront to Him; but then there is Gen 3:15, that talks about the triumph of God and of Mary, over Satan – and that gives me hope for a future at some point, without rainbow flags

  2. nancyv

    I just echo what my 8 yo grandson, Peter says. While paying for “rainbow” cookies from bakery, he was asked by cashier, “oh, you like the pride cookies?” and he loud and proud exclaims “I love the rainbow – it’s God’s promise not to destroy the earth by a flood!”
    And that, my friends, is how you make everything Catholic.
    As for DOS, we know they are not promoting God’s promise and I’d like to rip it down.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Our Lady’s warnings hae gone unheeded. Now they are sadly, manifestly coming true.

  4. Mary jean Diemer

    Big controversy about flying this flag over the high school in the town where my parish is. The only flag that needs to fly is the American flag. It covers all.

  5. pelerin

    I am shocked. And looking up DOS all I can find is Disk Operating System!

  6. Dianna

    Francis and many “higher-ups” have fallen. Their faith is now politics and looking good. Forget the Bible and God’s teaching, all about political correctness. I think Hell must burn hotter for those who mock God.

  7. Jura Ashley

    Thank you Father! Old EO is really on a rampage! Lots of prayer for us all.
    Of course my friends of other faiths love to let me know about this. I pray for us and them.

  8. Aussie Mum

    Take a look at the current state flag of Galicia in Spain.
    And its 16th century predecessor.
    A beautiful remnant of Christendom surviving on the Iberian peninsula! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see its likeness flying throughout the world instead of the “Pride” flag?
    The 16th century Protestant Reformation which tore Christendom apart, denying millions the Blessed Sacrament, never took hold on the Iberian Peninsula whereon are Spain and Portugal. I studied the history of that peninsula when researching Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima and it is truly marvellous.

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