Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Good for the heart, garlic ed.)

My neighbors let me raid their ever growing patch of tasty delights. They said, if it’s flowering, it’s ready. I went home with an armful of 4’+ stalks, bulbs in tow. They’re set to dry out in the sun for now. It’s said that they’re good for the heart. My black and beady heart needs all the help it can get.

I was going to write right now that Mary’s Immaculate Heart didn’t need any help at all to be healthy since she was conceived without original sin and her heart was in perfect working order, in body and soul, magnifying the Lord.

And then I felt terrible. That’s my black and beady heart writing such things. Mary needed extra help for both body and soul because of her immaculate conception, her purity of heart agility of soul and clarity of vision and profundity of understanding witnessing all the awful hell we sinful creatures present before the Living God. That destroyed her heart such that it wouldn’t be long after Pentecost that she would die of a broken heart… and then be assumed into heaven soul and body.

But I gotta wonder if dearest John and physician Luke included garlic in caring for her, John because he took her into his home, Luke because it might well be especially at this time that he learned what he alone has reported about dearest Mother Mary in his Gospel.

Garlic flowers for you, Mary.

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One response to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Good for the heart, garlic ed.)

  1. Monica Harris

    I am certain the Father and Jesus sent the Holy Spirit and maybe some Angels to help Mary through the Passion. How could They not? Still, a sword pierced her heart also.

    A little garlic with olive oil does a heart good, St Luke would have approved, and maybe even mixed it up for Mary so she would be strong enough to tell him all about her Son.

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