Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (two firsts, edition)

First Friday Adoration above. He’s the Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception. I bet He inspired someone to honor His good mom. He does that.

First Saturday crown below, which I betcha was made by tiny toddler’s hands.

We’ve been doing First Fridays for years and years and years. We’ve finally started doing First Saturdays. I think this was the third time. This was, of course, inspired by Mary’s Son. We’ll make this an ongoing practice. This has borne eternal benefits into souls.

Does your parish make it easy to do the “Firsts”?

Meanwhile, as daily rosaries continue, lots of rumblings in heart and soul about that Two Hearts Rosary.


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3 responses to “Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (two firsts, edition)

  1. Joisy Goil

    When I read this, I said to myself, DARN IT!, I missed the first Saturday devotion AGAIN!!, I really wanted to start my second round of the First Saturday devotions in June which would have taken me to all the way to October.
    And to answer your question , Father – no, my parish and as far as I can tell, none of the local parishes make it easy to do the “Firsts”. Most don’t even have a daily mass for Saturday, just the Sunday vigil. They don’t make it hard to donate though!
    It is hard to remember to get there and you then meet with so much nonsense when you attend two ‘Sunday’ masses. (one for first Saturday and then on Sunday for the Third commandment).
    So many know-it-alls have to put their two cents in. Like it’s anybody’s business if I go to more than one mass. Or as if when you tell them about the ‘firsts’ , they pay any attention. (just eye rolling)
    So I try to go as a visitor somewhere for first Saturday and my home parish for Sunday. It is just soooo much easier that way.
    Apologies for the rant.

  2. Aussie Mum

    ‘Does your parish make it easy to do the “Firsts”?’
    Yes, in our parish there is Mass every day with confessions before each. Friday has Mass twice: 7 am (N.O.) and 5:30 pm Latin Mass (E.F). Saturday has Mass at 9:15 am preceded by Rosary, Confessions, Novena and Benediction. One of our two priests also travels daily, 7 days a week, to an outlying parish to provide the Mass and hear confessions there as well. Therefore, everyone who is mobile is able to do the “Firsts” but we who are housebound cannot. Father does bring Our Lord in Holy Communion (Fridays at present) though, and confession is also available at that time.

  3. I read recently that in one of the appearances of Our Lord to Sister Lucia, she had asked him if one could go to a Saturday evening vigil mass for first Saturday, and He said that it was o.k. as long as one asked the permission of one’s pastor to do that and the pastor gave the o.k. (but I haven’t asked mine yet).

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