Terrorists slaughter Catholics at Pentecost Sunday Mass, bullets, bombs, more bullets

Everyone was jammed into church for Mass on Pentecost. Then four terrorists came in and started spraying bullets. They then set off multiple explosives. Those who were able to escape outside were mowed down with more gunfire. This was planned so as to kill as many as possible. Dozens died immediately, well over fifty. I’m sure there are many who are injured and are still dying or, if they survive, will be maimed and broken. The priests of the parish are safe, contrary to reports.


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5 responses to “Terrorists slaughter Catholics at Pentecost Sunday Mass, bullets, bombs, more bullets

  1. pelerin

    What a tragedy. There was a brief mention on the Daily Mail website page yesterday but that soon disappeared and I was disgusted that there was no mention in today’s paper at all. I am not sure whether the fact that the victims were African or whether they were Catholic has prompted the journalists to ignore this terrible news item. Now if that had been in Britain ….. May they rest in peace.
    I have to admit that since attending Mass on one occasion in the parish church in Lourdes when it was guarded at all doors by armed soldiers (it must have been after one of the terrorist attacks in Paris) I now make sure I sit near a door in any church I am attending. I know I should look upon it as being a good way to go but it still makes me nervous especially when i am in France. I am planning to be in Lourdes again in August ….

  2. galwayirishheart

    So sad that evil and hatred prevail everywhere!😢

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  3. sanfelipe007

    I have no words. Only prayers.

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