Bishops push CRT as church security, creating mass shooters

Mutual aid risk retention groups of Catholic bishops are coming up with education for establishing, sprucing up of church security teams. Do you trust anti-second amendment bishops to do that for you? Do you trust pro-abortion bishops who literally genuflect to terrorist groups do that for you?

Unsolicited, such a program, complete with video and document, was sent to me by email, all official, all verified. I’m guessing the same was sent to all pastors in the United States and Territories. The upshot, so to speak, was to be afraid, very afraid, and to buy into their program, you know, with money. Wait… what…?

I’ve spent about a week writing a detailed analysis of all this, erasing most all of it. In frustration, I’ll write about aspects of the program, then realize that It’s all too long, book length, and therefore guaranteed to have about zero effectiveness. Meanwhile, there are so very many mass shootings.

But, stay tuned. I’m narrowing down on just one discernment list of the bishops regarding who might be considered a likely mass shooter. Their discernment with that list is guaranteed to go a long way in creating mass shooters. Yep.

It’s all so very clever. Such social engineering. Such lies. And innocent blood is being shed.


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4 responses to “Bishops push CRT as church security, creating mass shooters

  1. sanfelipe007

    Just write it and post it, Father. It may be that The Lord intends another to distill your thoughts further. Maybe Father G?

  2. Joisy Goil

    One question: If someone who was in church at adoration or waiting for confession or even attending mass and was shot and killed by a weirdo mass shooter – would they be considered a martyr for the faith?

  3. nancyv

    The emperor’s new clothes….?

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