Day Off: church signs of contradiction

Friends across the mountain range are sprucing up the church signs for our “mission,” Prince of Peace Catholic Church. We want to make the contrast pop so that everyone knows where we are, the good and the bad. In times to come, at the last judgment, we will all look upon Him whom we have all pierced.

The cross at the far side will get a fresh coat of gold paint. Lettering for “Catholic Church” will be bright white. The blue background will be glossy sharp.

We make this renewed proclamation that Jesus, by way of His Cross, is the Prince of Peace, the Prince of the Most Profound Peace, even at a time that pro-abortion terrorists are largely given free reign. The FBI says they’re now doing some investigating, but, more on that later. I’ll just note here that the true Prince of Peace was not aborted by His dear Mother Mary.

This was a great Day Off. Great conversation. Meeting of awesome people. And, of course, lots of bacon. So much bacon. And about a zillion flowers for the Immaculate Conception for upcoming posts.


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2 responses to “Day Off: church signs of contradiction

  1. Joisy Goil

    Forgot to mention: the sign looks like it will be great. Do you have parish colors? (just a suggestion – sky blue and yellow?)

  2. Joisy Goil

    You made a comment that “that the true Prince of Peace was not aborted by His dear Mother Mary”, true and neither were any of these defenders of abortion. Makes you wish that they could experience (through the grace of God) being aborted and then after a brief period be allowed to return to their current place in time. I wonder what they would say about the experience. I think they might be a bit less enthusiastic.

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