Benefits already gleaned from prepping

The other day we experienced a kind of pre-tornado, going from a dead calm to branches breaking in three seconds flat. Then, no power for four hours, and then another session of no power, and then another.

I tried plugging the fridge into an emergency power source. It worked! The wattage draw was pretty high for the first five minutes, but then it calmed down. All good.

Meanwhile, I fired up the rocket stove to cook dinner. Very interesting. I added no twigs, no wood, just some crumpled paper, some bits of cardboard, times three, some minutes apart each time, which was more than enough to complete the cooking. That ultra-super-efficiency surprised me. All good.

Prepping, I’m finding out, is best accomplished by putting one’s prepping into action from time to time. It’s only the actual usage that one finds out strengths or weaknesses of one’s prepping. And it’s enjoyable recreation. And it builds confidence.


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2 responses to “Benefits already gleaned from prepping

  1. sanfelipe007

    I news report stated that the majority of cancelled plane routes were in NC due to severe weather. Poor stranded travelers.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I wonder if prepping could be another perishable skill?

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