Dear Pope Francis: Here’s my non-lace alb for your viewing pleasure. I’m sure you approve!

It’s polyester. No lace. I’m really hard on stuff like this. Lace would be destroyed with first time usage. I’m just clumsy. It’d get caught in the arm chair in the Confessional, ripped by the altar rail posts…

It’s not that I’m against lace. As the TLM chaplain who reintroduced the TLM back into Lourdes, France, I arranged this Mass with lots of lace, and was able to take this picture. Great!

But, as I say, I’m terribly clumsy. I can’t have nice things. It is what it is.


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5 responses to “Dear Pope Francis: Here’s my non-lace alb for your viewing pleasure. I’m sure you approve!

  1. Great picture! Love the lace!

  2. sanfelipe007

    HA! Many are the times I have heard it said; “this is why we can’t have nice things.” Growing up in a family of 10, you would think this phrase was our family motto. You have nicer things than mere lace. I should think that the state of your soul is many times more pleasing, to the eye of the Lord – the demeanor of your actions during Mass, to the eye of the parishioners.

    Happy Father’s day, Father!

  3. nancyv

    Very nicely said Sanfelipe007. Father’s lace is grace in love for Our Lord and his Mother and shared with us.

  4. Monica Harris

    sanfelipe, I come from a family of 10 too! We took it as a given that everything was going to get messy and torn and stained and all-too-soon-broken. To carry on the tradition, I cannot wear anything pure white without getting it spotty within an hour (at most), so if Father Byers can keep the polyester Alb white-ish, great!

    Lace is like the maraschino cherry and whipped cream on top. Mmm.

    Yes, happy Father’s Day, Father Byers!

    • sanfelipe007

      Polyester is a very forgiving fabric when it comes to stain-release. Polyester is the go-to fabric of the food industry, for clothing, table clothes, and napkins. It is rough to the touch, so maybe it is a suitable replacement for sack cloth as well.

      Father may be doing penance every time he wears that alb.

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