Epic Day Off (epically quiet)

A five hour round trip. The bacon and eggs alone were worth the trip. Eggs are my kryptonite, weakening my whole being. I could hardly walk this morning, but that wears off. Tendons for some reason don’t get along with an egg diet. I just gotta learn how to say no. But it’s all so good.

Meanwhile, I had brought down the other side of the Prince of Peace Church sign. Some progress in colors are being made. We tried out the high-gloss metallic gold on the cross (that will be very bright in headlights reflection at night) and the white on “C” of Catholic, so far, and renewed silver on the “P” of Prince, so far:

The projected blue that we’ll be using will highlight the lettering and cross all the more.

It will take until next week to pick up and then put up both of those signs at the church up in Robbinsville. We’re not trying to hide from “Jane’s Revenge” or anyone else. Here we are! Come join us! Meet the Lord Jesus!

Meanwhile, some hours were spent in an epically quiet conversation which, of course, solved all the problems of the Church and the world, as one is want to do with friends. This was one of the “good old days.” It struck me that this was a gifted calm before the storm. Thank you, Jesus.

People tell me that that’s a really long way to travel. Yes, well, it gives me time to say Rosaries, to mull over the Sacred Mysteries as the most beautiful windy labyrinth of mountain roads are (as always) freshly discovered. After all, it’s a Day Off, and it’s made the most epic by the Sacred Mysteries.

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  1. sanfelipe007

    This is a good time for a Rosary! I’m heading out for a walk in the sun, with the Son.

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