GREAT update on stolen tabernacle of St Augustine Catholic Church in Brooklyn

From the Sunday bulletin of Saint Augustine Catholic Church in Brooklyn, NY, 19 June 2022

Who can Receive Communion? Catechism of the Catholic Church & Code of Canon Law

Communion is an intimate encounter with Christ, in which we sacramentally receive Christ into our bodies, so that we may be more completely incorporated into His. The Eucharist also strengthens the individual because in it Jesus himself, the Word made flesh, forgives our venial sins and gives us the strength to resist mortal sin. It is also the very channel of eternal life: Jesus himself.

You may receive Holy Communion if you:

  • Are a Baptized Catholic who has been catechized and prepared. (CIC 912 & 913 §1)
  • Are in a state of grace: You have sought out God’s mercy and grace through the Sacrament of Reconciliation after committing mortal sin (CIC 916)
  • Believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.
  • Have observed the Eucharistic fast: one hour before Mass. (CIC 919 §1)


As we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi otherwise known as the Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ we are offered an excellent opportunity to be reminded of the importance of attending the entire Mass; from the beginning Sign of the Cross to the Final Blessing.

When not in a state of grace, preparation includes the need to celebrate the Sacrament of Confession, Penance or Reconciliation to receive God’s grace before receiving Communion. Please remember that as we approach the altar to receive Holy Communion, we bow before we receive as an acknowledgement that the Host is the Body of Christ. All are reminded that we are asked to clearly respond Amen to the invitation of the minister, “The Body of Christ.”

Once again, it bears repeating that Communion is only brought to those who are sick or directly caring for someone who is sick. Arrangements are made through the Parish Office.


Please continue to pray for all those involved in the investigation and response to the theft of the sacred tabernacle at Saint Augustine Church. May Saint Anthony, patron of things that are lost, help us to find not only the worthy receptacle for Holy Communion but return those who are lost in any way to God who loves us without limit.

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  1. sanfelipe007

    Great Catechisis.

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