Adoration in thanksgiving

The parish is fearless, showing up whilst the world rages. And so many Confessions. Jesus loves us. He’s happy to be with His Little Flock.


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2 responses to “Adoration in thanksgiving

  1. sanfelipe007

    I attended 7:30 am Mass today. Just after the Credo, a man in his early 3o’s swiftly walked up the center aisle in shorts and a backpack, which he did not remove when he sat down. This was two pews in front of me.
    I am sure that all noticed this oddity, and my first inclination was to re-seat myself directly in the empty space behind him – if only to make him aware of my presence. Well, my GA said “stay put and pray.” So I did.
    I have no doubt this advice was being repeated countless times, to all present. Since the offering was being prepared, I did not feel that I was not neglecting the Mass, but participating in the Mercy of God.
    The man was hunched forward in his seat, and I thought his demeanor looked more of a penitent man struggling interiorly, than one who was waiting for his moment.. A few seconds later, just as the offerings were being brought forward, he swiftly rose and started to leave.
    Here, I note that he did not genuflect, as he probably did not genuflect when he came to the pew. Exiting the pew, he stumbled, and pretended to adjust his sock before regaining his balance. Then he left.
    What really happened, I cannot know. But I felt much joy at this man’s sudden change of heart – whatever his original intentions.
    Thanks be to God.

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