DSS redistributing kids: $53,000,000 in settlements. Years and years.

  • “CHEROKEE COUNTY, N.C. (WLOS) — In a letter dated June 29, 2022, Cherokee County Commissioners released terms of a settlement for the pending 21 separate lawsuits filed against the county and former employees in the use of illegal custody and visitation agreements. The total payout for those 21 cases amounts to $42 million dollars. When you add in several other cases which already reached settlements and jury judgements for the total 25 separate lawsuits that were filed against Cherokee County a total payout of over $53 million dollars has been awarded to families. Those agreements were processed through the Cherokee County Department of Social Services to place children outside of their parents’ homes until they were 18 years old without court approval. The suits alleged the violation of the parents’ and children’s Constitutional rights, as well as violations of state law regarding abused, neglected and dependent juveniles.” — by Jennifer Emert

On the money aspect, the County’s insurance will pay about half of the total for the settlements, burdening the tax payers more than $24,000,000 dollars.

Regarding allegedly stealing and allegedly redistributing kids all allegedly illegally by alleged people who allegedly should know better… it makes my blood boil.

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