Hills on which to die: mountains all. Truth is One in Jesus’ Sacrifice on Mount Calvary.

Above is a view looking toward my parish during a Last Rites run some time ago, from a hospital parking lot, this being hours from my parish. The same mountains could be seen at a great distance from the far side except there are even taller intervening mountains in the way.

“You have to choose the hills on which you die, Father!” is the advice I receive frequently.

My response is that every hill is a hill on which to die when it comes to the faith. All these hills are mountains. All these battles involve doctrine and morality, with all instruction on the spiritual life being attacked.

You cannot divide the Truth. You cannot choose this battle but not that one, affirming one truth but effectively denying another as one watches scandalized souls go to hell. I can’t do that. Ain’t gonna happen.

  • “But Father George! Father George! You’re such an extremist! A fanatic! A loose canon! For you everything is a battle! You’re just a contrarian! You’re 180 degrees different from all the rest of us! It’s just one little you, Father George, contra mundum! You’re a fool, Father George! Imprudent! You hurt the cause! Be conciliatory! Be nice!”

Well, choosing battles is always good advice about matters of little consequence, like the politics of whether to fill in the potholes first, spending money to do that, delaying the inevitable regarding entirely disintegrating roads, but pacifying people, or, taking the other side, just continuing to collect more tax-money while people are aggravated about potholes, but then repaving everything much more quickly than one could do while otherwise spending money continuously on filling in just this or that pothole. There’re arguments on both sides.

The problem is that this is not the way when it comes to the faith.

The heretics have come up with a loophole system of “choosing your battles.” They say that there is a “hierarchy of doctrine,” and that if one just holds the line, say, on the Most Holy Trinity, One God – Three Persons, then, in that case, a lesser doctrine, say, on forbidding same-sex “marriage” can be overlooked so as even to encourage, even demand the same. Go along to get along, and then it’s all good.

But this never works out, because Living Truth is Who we talking about. God is Truth. He’s our Creator. Male-Female-Marriage-Family is, as the inspired Sacred Scriptures say, the image of God. Same-sex “marriage” is not only a falsity, but it is, in and of itself, a blasphemy again the Most Holy Trinity, mocking the image of God, and therefore mocking God Himself. Is marriage a “lesser truth” than the truth of the Most Holy Trinity? If you deny one truth you deny the other. Truth is one.

Here’s a better view from high up. Look at all those hills, mountains really, all of them having battles on which to be fought, all of these in my parish:

Truth is One is Christ Jesus. He marries His Bride the Church with His Wedding Vows at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: This is my body given for you in Sacrifice, my blood poured out for you in Sacrifice. That wedding is spoken about throughout both Testaments of the Scriptures. The Last Supper is the Wedding Feast of the Lamb of God who takest away the sins of the world. The Last Supper is united with His Sacrifice for His Bride on Calvary. How entirely grotesque, sacrilegious it is to have “women priests”, a Lesbian symbol of a female groom and a female bride. That’s all so blasphemous. That is not restorative, redemptive, of the image of God with male-female-marriage-family.

Or how about idol worship? How about that murderous Pachamama female demon idol consort of the “sun-god”, to whom untold millions were sacrificed? Is that all good because it’s just about some lesser “truth” of “enculturation”? That’s also mockery of God, mockery of the Most Holy Trinity, mockery of Jesus at Holy Mass as that demon idol, that abomination of desolation is caused to be set up on the altar of Jesus’ Sacrifice, what we call the “papal altar” in Saint Peter’s Basilica, blaspheming the Marriage Feast of the Lamb, again.

Did you notice that all these things come back to the Holy Mass, come back to the mockery of God. Truth is one, Living Truth is One, unmanipulatable.

To choose this over that as battles you choose to take up or, instead, overlook so as to go along to get along is the very etymology of “heresy” which means to choose one thing but smash down another. Remember the phrase “cafeteria Catholicism”? But that’s eating and drinking one’s own condemnation.

It’s always about a rejection of respect for life from natural conception to natural death. It’s always about the “right” to receive Jesus in Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin. Pro-abort politicians receiving Jesus in Holy Communion at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This is most demonic. Most demonic.

Need I go on with all the other scandalous rejections of doctrines and morals that’s going on these days so that I might demonstrate that Truth is One and it is blasphemy, every time, to “choose one battles”?

There are a lot of hills these days for priests, all with battles. There are no molehills. They are all mountains. When it comes to Truth, it’s about the Living Truth, on Mount Calvary, that Sacrifice of the Wedding of the Lamb at the Last Supper. That’s our hill. That’s our mountain. That’s our battle. Every time.

Where are the martyrs?

They are everywhere if we want to open our eyes. Each person reading this is called to be a martyr, a witness, one who gives evidence, one who testifies, even in the Holy Spirit, even with one’s blood. That’s the Gospel, by the way, for the votive Mass for the Most Holy Trinity.

Oh! Did I just blaspheme the Synod on Synodality? I guess I did. That would be another hill, another mountain, another battle:


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3 responses to “Hills on which to die: mountains all. Truth is One in Jesus’ Sacrifice on Mount Calvary.

  1. nancyv

    All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle – St. Francis of Assisi?
    and BLESSED are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for thiers is the kingdom of Heaven – Mt. 5:10
    Carry on soldier Father, I may not be right beside you, but surely right behind you. (pretty sure I speak for my friends here) and thanks for the beauuutiful steps to God pictures. (i love mtns)

  2. thank you Father for the beautiful pictures, but more than that, thank you for standing up for the Holy Trinity and for the Truth of Christ’s marriage to His Bride.

  3. Margo Burke


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