FDA demands purchased baby organs be fresh never frozen. Bishops are good with that.

As soon as Joe Biden, Abortionist in Chief, came into office to complement Nancy Pelosi’s reign of terror, all restrictions on experimentation on the unborn were lifted.

The Food and Drug Administration (Get that? “Food”), the FDA, has been buying organs of healthy, fully developed babies (because, just like real estate, you get more money by dividing up properties).

But the FDA wants all the organs to be fresh, never frozen. Pragmatically, that absolutely necessitates that the murders take place in sterile laboratories, so that the baby is removed alive (even with the uterus), and then, without anesthesia, which would ruin the “product”, the baby is dismembered, screaming the whole time until that screaming suddenly goes silent. The organs have to be “alive”, with fresh oxygen, from the baby itself. So, we’re only a minute or two, seconds away from the organs being utilized in already-prepared-experiments, with the screaming still ringing in the ears of the mother, and the ears of the “doctors” as extractions are made for immediate placement in innumerable test tubes and petri dishes.

The day of abortion is by far the day that a woman is going to commit suicide. Do you think that big-pharma cares? Do you think the FDA cares? Do you think the bishops who support all this care?

This analysis was made when we discovered that big pharma was doing exactly what is described above in order to get necessarily “live organs” infused with the baby’s own oxygen to be used in research, development, testing of China virus “vacccines” which we know are not vaccines at all, and are not only ineffective, but actually weaken the immune systems of people until they simply die of “unrelated” diseases.

Almost 100% of the bishops even violently supported the murder of the babies so that they could look like clever, tough, sophisticated heroes who could provide brave ethical analyses in their great largess, proudly aloof from – in their opinion – the idiot pro-lifers. So many priests right around the world who questioned the bullying tactics of the bishops were tossed right out of active ministry. No more offering of Holy Mass. No more hearing Confessions. No more giving Last Rites. “Damn those damn priests devoted to Jesus!” the bishops shrieked. “Damn those damn babies with them!”

Sure, all the liberal freakoid murderer bishops will agree with Judas Pope Francis, that abortion is like hiring a hitman, a sicario, but then they’ll immediately go out of their way to have pro-abortion politicians take Holy Communion in flagrant mockery of God.

The bishops have lost sight of Jesus, the Son of the Living God, the Almighty, who was in the womb of His Immaculate Mother for nine months. Oh, sorry! They know all about that. And that’s the scary part. They absolutely don’t give a damn. Nothing. … Nothing. But any priest who is simply just trying to do the right thing with the courtesy of charity is kicked in the teeth and put down. Too sad, that.

But I’ll tell you what. The tables will be turned in heaven. Those babies, no longer babies, with Jesus, will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. And the priests who were smashed down for respecting “the least of the brethren”, Jesus, will be with Jesus and the rest of the Little Flock.

And then there’s this. Taylor nails it again:


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4 responses to “FDA demands purchased baby organs be fresh never frozen. Bishops are good with that.

  1. Aussie Mum

    Unspeakable horror, and they proudly call it progress.

  2. Francis said abortion was like “hiring a hit man”. Well, Biden is then our ‘hit man in chief’ in America – to our shame- and any bishops who support abortion in any way, shape or form are co-opting and cooperating with Biden and with Satan.

  3. jane

    makes me sick to my stomach

  4. Gina Nakagawa

    Unless we take action, both spiritual and temporal, we will join these people in hell.

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