Update, it’s Cupich: Imminent persecution from within the Church

UPDATE: Father Z updated his post: https://wdtprs.com/2022/07/action-item-prayer-to-avert-a-serious-act-of-persecution/

So, Cardinal Cupich, the Red Guard, in Chicago is entirely shutting down the Institute of Christ the King in Chicago, you know, because they offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Confession, Last Rites, the Faith.

Did they get due process for their incessant crimes of reciting the Creed?

This is absurd. A precedent of things to come. The Diocese of Charleston, just to the south of me, has also chosen this day to clamp down all the more. I’m guessing there will be many more and that the speed of closing down the TLM will increase: “You’re believers! Guilty!”

This is about logistics. The priests are not themselves cancelled, but all their priestly activity is cancelled. Can they be, will they be welcomed anywhere else in the world? Pope Francis is watching closely. Remember, they say – “Credo…” – and so are guilty of the worst crime in the world. Who could, who would take them? And so it will be for the rest of us.

But maybe if the good priests would just be more like Blase and bribe the demons with blessings for the new year so as to be saved by these demons in the coming year:

Or – Hey! – maybe the good priests should be more like Father Pfleger, and use a Pachamama canoe for the Consecration at Holy Mass.

Or – Hey! – maybe the good priests should STOP saying the Hail Mary and the Saint Michael prayer after Holy Mass. I bet that’s the problem.

Or – Hey! – ….

No. The good priests should just continue being good priests, come what may. The Lord Jesus, Sovereign High Priest, will provide for them, certainly also the privilege of being with Him on the Cross.

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary


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22 responses to “Update, it’s Cupich: Imminent persecution from within the Church

  1. Liz

    This is so sobering but I guess I should appreciate the warning and the opportunity to pray. We will be offering extra prayers and sacrifice and include this intention is our Lady of Mt. Carmel novena. I well remember last year the bad stuff hitting on her feast day. I love our Lady under this title! What a force to be reckoned with she is! Blessed be God in all things Thank you Father Z (and Fr. George) for alerting us.

  2. nancyv

    Your’s was no rant Father, but a call to arms. (in my case, all morning in front of the Blessed Sacrament) Thank you.

  3. Aussie Mum

    Thank you for the alert, Father; will be praying the Memorare in a few moments.

  4. Aussie Mum

    I just came across an article by Michael Hitchborn (link below) dated last Tuesday, July 12th, that may be relevant to the alert Father Z issued and you have posted above. Part way through Hitchborn’s article he states: “the AUSCP just sent a ‘Gospel of Non-Violence’ to the Vatican, seeking approval for use to replace parts of the Mass”. Apparently the AUSCP has the support of Cardinals Cupich and Gregory, Archbishops Wester, Hartmeyer and Carlson, and Bishops McElroy, Stowe, and others; and Abp. Wester is the heretical AUSCP’s “episcopal moderator” and Bp. Stowe is an AUSCP member.

  5. elizdelphi

    I wonder if it’s about the religious orders that celebrate the TLM……

  6. sandra

    Offering up prayers for Fr. Z and for Fr. B

  7. Gina Nakagawa

    Christ’s little flock must say many, many prayers, and perform the acts that Father Z suggests. It is also time for Christ’s little flock to become “Lambert the Sheepish Lion.”

  8. Catherine

    Thank you for the warning Father George. I don’t think you”rant” but rather you “put the record straight”. Things have been getting progressively worse for the Church and the priesthood but it seems to be excellerating. So, what materializes here will be no surprise. Forewarned is forearmed. I offer up my prayers. God bless you Father George,

  9. Thank you Father for this warning. I will pray and hand this on to my internet prayer group tonight.

  10. Joisy Goil

    The memorare has always been my favorite prayer – and the rosary too. I will say the rosary as often as possible.
    May I ask a question? Does a priest have to obey a bishop (or Pope) who demands that he obey an un-holy decision? It seems like a no win situation to me. Are there no safeguards for our holy priests? I know that God will understand and not be fooled but what about the flock? Many people are suffering from confusion and the inability to know where to turn or what to do or think?
    Prayers for all priests!

    • Father George David Byers

      Sounds like a post to write? Your thoughts…

      • Joisy Goil

        Please do write something about the confusion and our inner conflict over the spirit and the world. I very dear priest once told me that where there is confusion – that’s where the Holy Spirit is absent.
        I don’t know about anyone else but this the current state of affairs in our church VERY disturbing to me. I always thought the three days of darkness would be an actual period without light. Now I believe there is more than one way to perceive this.

  11. sanfelipe007

    The third “blackout” has begun….
    Pray unceasingly.

  12. elizdelphi

    I have a friend who is an ICKSP seminarian. Chicago was one of the places he went to discern.
    Everyone knows what Cupich is like. I don’t like this news but hopefully this is not a bellwether of what the Holy See plans to do everywhere.

  13. I honestly don’t think that most bishops today have the spine to implement TC and most are quietly ignoring it and will continue to do so. That doesn’t help those who are being hit with the episcopal hammer, but the reality that I am seeing in most places is that TC is going to take a place alongside Ex Ecclesia Corde in a dusty filing cabinet. The majority of today’s bishops were selected precisely because they are spineless, and now the Pope will see the result of a systematic program of selecting a team full of utility infielders.

    • Father George David Byers


    • sanfelipe007

      I believe that you are right about Bishops ignoring TC. My Bishop is silently resisting by encouraging/allowing his priests to use Latin in the NO as well as having the TLM in the Cathedral.

  14. Aussie Mum

    Dates are interesting.
    31st July, a special day for Jesuits – it being the feast day of their order’s founder – is the day Cardinal Cupich choses as the last day the Institute of Christ the King will function in his archdiocese … the date signalling his action a gift to our Jesuit Pope perhaps?
    1st August, Feast of St Peter in Chains, is the day the Institute of Christ the King is to be effectively “chained” in Chicago.

    The Feast Day of St Peter in Chains recalls the imprisonment of the first Pope by Herod Agrippa in AD 44 (Acts 12: 1-4). Now, almost 2,000 years later, it is as if the papacy is in chains for it is not functioning – not as it should, at least. Therefore, is the papacy presently in suspense? Father Hunwicke, a former Anglican, thinks so:
    “Readers will recall my own adoption of the methodology of S John Henry Newman in analysing this pontificate. The Roman Pontiff, while not in any way losing his God-given authority or any part of it, has, of his own free volition, ceased to use it. It seemed, and seems to me now, that the moment this act of self-denial happened was when PF ignored the cry of four Cardinals, the cry PETER, TEACH US! … the moment when he decided not to answer the formal Dubia they put to him.”http://liturgicalnotes.blogspot.com/2021/04/suspense-of-magisterium-and-meaning-of_01536449900.html
    Pope Francis does indeed ignore the pleas of faithful cardinals – also faithful bishops, priests and laity – to teach as the Vicar of Christ is meant to, instead positioning himself with the likes of Cardinal Cupich and others persecuting the Church. Rather tellingly he has distanced himself from the title “Vicar of Christ” (see article at link below).https://www.catholicculture.org/news/headlines/index.cfm?storyid=45849
    And we can’t forget that 3 years ago at the Amazon Synod’s closing Mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica, he directed an offering to Pachamama be placed upon the Papal Altar where it remained during the Consecration as if to mock Our Lord’s Sacrifice and subvert the Mass. Might that “event” have been the beginning of a particular end: the eventual replacement of the Mass with a counterfeit by a Pope who scorns his role as Christ’s Vicar?
    Almost 2,000 years ago the faithful prayed for the release of the Vicar of Christ from his chains and an angel set him free (Acts 12: 5-10). Clearly, “Christ’s little flock must say many, many prayers” as Gina Nakagawa says in her comment above. If so, one can hope that God will again send an angel to the rescue, this time to remove the chains presently suspending this papacy.

  15. Aussie Mum

    Yesterday’s feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel during this worrying period of persecution provides an urgent reminder of the importance of being enrolled in and wearing the Brown Scapula, it being a sign of the wearer’s consecration to the Immaculate Mother of God, belonging to her and being under her protection.

  16. sanfelipe007

    I just returned from yet another trip to see distant siblings. Somewhere, I lost my scapular in a hotel. It has a tendency to “stick” to my t-shirt when it is removed – whether worn under or over it. I must get another ASAP.

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