Fellow priests: take BORTAC’s Uvalde tact

That picture above shows the chief to the left (on the phone) and a few others. Apparently, the deadly “by-stander syndrome” had gripped a few of the officers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde:

  • “There’s someone else in charge, and we need to choose our battles and be prudent and live to fight another day. So what if there’s ongoing sporadic gunfire.”

BORTAC arrives, negatively assesses that “rationale”, goes in and instantly neutralizes the threat of the shooter as was possible to all 376 responding officers.

There is no choosing such battles. Each one must be fought, first time, every time, regardless of any stand-down orders. The guy who doesn’t fight every single battle like the one in Uvalde will never fight in any battle unless he radically converts.

Analogy for the priesthood. You have heard that it was said:

  • “There’s an epic battle with hell going on right now with bishops everywhere attacking faith and morals and the spiritual life and reverent liturgy, and, we’re gripped by the deadly “by-stander syndrome.” We priests have to stand by each other and say that someone else is in charge, and because of that we’re going to say that we’re forced to stand by idly all day and do nothing, we’re being forced to go along to get along, forced to live and fight another day, because you gotta choose your battles, you know, you gotta be prudent, you know. We’re the clever ones, the sophisticated ones, the one’s who have the power of being aloof, with power to have the largess to tolerate even hell, watching everyone go to hell. That’s on them, but we’re good to go. We’re heroes. We’ve seen it all. We can accompany even Satan himself. We’re the ones. We’re the only ones. Learn from us who are prideful and arrogant of heart.”

Meanwhile, the church and the world run as fast as possible into hell. The guy who doesn’t fight today will never fight tomorrow unless he radically converts. Every battle for doctrine, morals, the spiritual life, reverent liturgy must be fought. We have to be ready to die on any hill during any fight, and then go to heaven bringing many others to heaven with that example, with that intercession of one’s very life for the salvation of souls.


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3 responses to “Fellow priests: take BORTAC’s Uvalde tact

  1. sanfelipe007

    Amen, Father.
    There was something “off” about (I paraphrase) “we must accompany those on the periphery.” Isn’t that a clever disguise for “by-stander” by calling it “standing-by?” “Hey, we’re doing something, here!” (not Jesus) Aaand which periphery, and what manner of going to it?
    =Here, I do my impression of you, Father.=
    I don’t recall the father going to the periphery to collect the son (how nice!), but his meeting the son half-way (what a meanie!) AFTER he saw that the son had left the periphery to return to the father with a humble and contrite heart (why that’s practically torture!)
    =How did I do?=
    So many servants are burying the talents given them by The Lord. The reasons of “blah blah blah” may sound new, but the results will always be the same. Woe are they when The Lord returns to collect – sooner than they think – only to find the talent(s) “saved”, soiled, and sullied.
    I say, Proclaiming the Lord’s Gospel is how you “go to the periphery” – the periphery of Faith, not society; Priests are not social workers – their business being the salvation of souls, not Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. That is how to make a soul D.I.E!. (I stole that acronym)
    I offer another Rosary in petition, that you and Father G continue to stay out of Jesus’ way by following Him as He accompanies you. You poor, unprofitable, sinner!

  2. nancyv

    Praise God! I don’t know what else to say (Sanfelipe beat me to it 🙂
    Father, I think you and this priest are kindred spirits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BefWRj0c6pI&t=2s
    If the link doesn’t work, look up Fr. William (billy) Kosco, Phoenix Diocese – his whip and cord homily about pro-aborts, but he talks about so much more! You, he, and other courageous priests have convinced me to “get off the bus” and helping me to know the difference between butter and margarine (probably not the best analogy, but one is real, the other is fake)

    • sanfelipe007

      Thank you so much for finding that video, nancyv. I wondered where I had heard about “not applauding Priest’s homilies.” I heard it in this Homily.

      Now, if I like a Homily, I say to the Priest, “Thanks be to God.”

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