Help a priest dumb down his Glock

  • The threaded barrel was ditched. I don’t own a suppressor, but the extra 0.5″ length was a help for me with accuracy, that is, for the extremely rare session of target practice. It looks like that 0.5″ longer barrel will no longer be legal what with proposed legislation in Congress. Just the fact of the threading would be considered to be a weapon of mass destruction.
  • The 15-round magazines were ditched for a new single-stack factory version limited to 10. I hate that, but I have three such magazines, as I always carry an extra two. That’s also because of the proposed legislation.

The ATF (=BATFE) and FBI, sycophantic to present political sway, are all about infringement, so, I just want to avoid their whirlwind. I’ve had so many boating accidents!

I’m hoping someone will tell me I’m wrong about this, but there’s one boating accident that can’t take place with my Glock 19 Gen 4. The proposed legislation this week in Congress is that if any type of gun, even pistols, can possibly be converted from semi-auto to full-auto, that gun, even if not converted, will be illegal. That means prison for any non-compliance in owning such a gun, regardless of any conversion. The problem is that pretty much all Glocks can be converted to full-auto.

There are likely between 20 and 25 million Glock owners in these USA and likely around zero percent of them do such a thing, especially with target ammo being so expensive and difficult to get these days. And that’s only Glocks. I’m sure plenty of other guns can be converted, making about half the population of these USA into criminals overnight even if they didn’t know that such a thing could be done in the first place.

But is there some “fix” that could be done that would make such a full-auto conversion impossible?


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2 responses to “Help a priest dumb down his Glock

  1. Paul Maliborski

    It’s called a revolver

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