Priests following Jesus: It’s a small world after all

A great family from Father Kirby’s parish in Lancaster, SC, with the father of that family wearing a “U.S. Grace Force” T-Shirt, brought me to lunch after Holy Mass.

The gist of the conversation was that Jesus’ Little Flock is everywhere and the wolves in sheep’s clothing can’t do anything about it, it being that Jesus is the Good Shepherd. Jesus’ Little Flock know Jesus, listen to Jesus, follow Jesus. And Jesus’ Little Flock want priests to follow Jesus.

To my fellow priests, and there are many good priests:

  • Our vocation was not to accept any heretical teaching in any seminary but rather to follow Jesus who is living, unmanipulatable Truth.
  • Our vocation was not to collect money for any malicious financial prestidigitations of any bishops conference, stealing money from Jesus’ Little Flock and giving it to the abortion industry around the world, but rather to follow Jesus, who was Himself in the womb for nine months.
  • Our vocation – get this – was not to any bishop, so that the bishop becomes a god in his own right, creating his own truth and morality and liturgy, but rather to Jesus, so that although we will respect and obey whatever bishop, we also do this by was of Galatians 2:11, helping our bishops get to heaven by our own following of Jesus with no mediocrity, even if we’re punished right out of active ministry by those same bishops for whom we were providing the greatest respect and obedience by, as it were, laying down our lives for them, reprimanding them as they stand condemned for following not Jesus, but the world, the flesh and the devil. The greatest charity is to remain with Jesus, who is God, who is love.

I’ve always said that the one preoccupation of a priest is to get his own little hell out of the way of Jesus, the One Priest, doing this by following Jesus. Jesus is One Good Shepherd.


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7 responses to “Priests following Jesus: It’s a small world after all

  1. sanfelipe007


  2. Kim

    It’s interesting Father; I perceived a bit of conflict between what the two good priests said about outwardly going against the evil that kind of surrounds us today. (US Grace Force video) A disagreement? It’s a difficulty for me when to speak up or stay silent and pray when I see something as sinful. I see truth in both of their statements but it’s really tough sometimes to know what to do ,especially when you’re caught off guard. Thanks father for your daily messages. They are such a great blessing. Much appreciated. I read them regularly but seldom comment.

    • Father George David Byers

      Links? I listened to a homily of Fr Kirby some years ago and perused graceforce years ago. Both seemed great. Haven’t kept up with either.

    • sanfelipe007

      Kim, I wish you would comment more often, but I appreciate your humility.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    Words of ineffable wisdom, Father.

    • Valarie

      God bless, Father from a fellow North Carolinian! I pray for you and all of our clergy.. thank you for sharing.

  4. As Father Ripperger said in a recent talk, for the laity it is really important to educate ourselves in the truth of the faith, so that when lies, heresies, etc. are voiced by those within the church (such as the German priests who are advocating homosexuality, female priests, etc), we go within, seek out what we know as truth – the teachings of the Church – and follow those, and totally disregard and ignore the lies being spread as truth, as not even worth our attention. As you have said here Father, we turn to Jesus, always Jesus, as our ‘gold standard’.

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