Obey God’s voice: Fr Blount stories [angels!]

Meanwhile, if anything happens like this, and it does, a lot (though not with words, just extremely strong inspirations), I always blame my guardian angel. I think it’s our guardian angels who do everything to set up such encounters. With a zillion “coincidences,” and timing to the second a hundred times in a row for things to get done for the Lord Jesus, I cannot but thank my guardian angel and end up repeating to our Lord, “But I only did what I had to do, you know, because my guardian angel made me do your will.”

Here’s the deal: when it comes to paying attention to and obeying guardian angels, we had better follow their lead, or else. If they need to get something done, they’ll do whatever it takes.


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2 responses to “Obey God’s voice: Fr Blount stories [angels!]

  1. sanfelipe007

    A priest once remarked in his Homily, when a parishioner applauded, that “yes, we Catholics are more likely to clap that exclaim ‘amen!’ – we’re not Baptists.” So I find, endearing, Father Blount’s act of “call & response” in his “Amen?” to mean “can I get an amen!?”
    Priests can be sneaky, too.
    I am always reminded by good Homilies that physical acts of faith are important assents to God. Constant prayer to God is constant assent to God. No assent makes one more vulnerable than “I love you.”

  2. sanfelipe007

    Amen, Father! Yes, it was an Angel (possibly Mose’s GA?) that Moses saw as a burning bush – no one sees God and lives. But it would be totally characteristic of GAs to want to melt into nothing when they do the Lord’s will – just as priests should.

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