No due process for Fr George on TLM, Covid

I finally got around to looking at my diocesan emails on 26 July 2022. One came in on 22 July 2022 from a criminal defense attorney of many decades, who reprimands me without ever having spoken to me that I recall about two topics:

  • Covid
  • TLM

This is not a prosecutor. This person is simply emphasizing being an attorney of many decades. I don’t know why. And for who knows what reason, this attorney simultaneously copied this first instance communication to me also to some others:

  • to my Bishop
  • to my Metropolitan Archbishop
  • to this attorney’s own Pastor (a Jesuit) whom I can’t recall ever speaking with seriously about anything ever, and that parish is in a city hundreds of miles away
  • to a journalist employed by a news organization enjoying global reach, since, it is said, that journalist expressed an interest in writing about the “story.”

This was done in the form of a non-witnessed non-affidavit rife with insults against my Bishop, and with no due process afforded to me whatsoever. As a courtesy to recipients of that email I suggest that there might be more to the story, and another side of the story. Who would’ve thought? I suggest that the veracity of the reprimand from this attorney is proportional to how much due process I was afforded by this attorney, who in so many words speaks of a lifelong commitment to making sure that those innocent until proven guilty had full access to due process rights. The irony is rather incisive: I was afforded no due process whatsoever by this same attorney.

This is all too sad.

  • Thomas More: “You threaten like a dockside bully.”
  • Thomas Cromwell: “How should I threaten?”
  • Thomas More: “Like a Minister of State, with justice.”
  • Thomas Cromwell: “Oh, justice is what you’re threatened with.”
  • Thomas More: “Then I am not threatened.”


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8 responses to “No due process for Fr George on TLM, Covid

  1. Dianna

    Such evil people. Just have a need to silence every righteous objection, put out every light. It can’t be done! I will stand with you…donate, do whatever. Your blog is truthful and informative. So if the little snitch is reading this, he or she can take a flying leap.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    Mayhap something foul is afoot?

  3. jane

    agree w/ above…we are all being persecuted for living the truth that is Jesus Christ

  4. nancyv

    eh, they wouldn’t know truth if it were right in front of them. Pilate maybe knew, but he wouldn’t admit it. Tom Petty’s song “I won’t back down” comes to mind. That could be your secular theme song. What is your favorite Catholic song/hymn that we can sing?

  5. Father, prayers for your protection.

  6. Mary Jean Diemer

    St Michael, defend and protect our Father George against all evil

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