Homily: Seven Sons & Mother vs demons

So, a Jewish mother with her seven sons were being forced to eat pork by the pagan demon worshipers. The demon worshipers had some pans fired up, and were frying up pigs for the occasion. Swine were thought to be possessed by demons. Eating pork was tantamount to asking demons to possess oneself. Remember the exorcism of the naked man possessed by demons who were then cast into the swine?

The Jewish mother and her seven sons wouldn’t go along with such worship of demon spirits by eating the pork. So the skin of their heads with their hair was ripped off, their feet and hands cut off, and now they themselves were fried in those large pans on top of the fire of the torturers.

Jesus would declare all foods clean as He was personally to pay the price in His own justice for the mercy of exorcising us from the demons. Jesus faced all of hell broken out on Calvary.

So, now we hunt, say, wild boar and have plenty of bacon to enjoy.

But the great witness of the mother and her seven sons remains incriminating all those who worship demons. We are never, ever to compromise even under severe coercion, even in the face of torture and death. We are not even to cave into the pressure of the brow-beating and bullying of enforced political correctness from “friends,” even if those friends are (Cardinal) (Arch)Bishops, including the Bishop of Rome:

  • “Worship the bloodthirsty demon idol Pachamama mother-earth, that abomination of desolation caused to be established on the Holy of Holies where it must not be by divine mandate!”
  • “Call on the western grandmother demon and the circle of spirits for purification and protection, you know, apart from anything whatsoever to do with Jesus! Put your hands on your heart!”

Instead, we are always to witness to the Divine Messiah, our Savior, the very Son of the Living God. We are not to cast Jesus aside so as to worship demons.

I’m hoping those at this address in Rome below will always serve the Son of the Living God.

I apologize that while recalling the mother of these seven brothers as she witnessed them being tortured to death, I got terribly choked up. If all of a sudden the homily stops dead, repeatedly, while you’re listening, it’s not over yet. That’s just me about to leave the sanctuary to break down in tears. It was all I could do just to stand there feeling very self-conscious. I was thinking of Mary standing under the Cross of her dear Son whilst He was being tortured to death. I’m told that this is all weakness on my part. I’m to be ashamed of it. But it is what it is. That’s where I’m at. Another weak priest. Who would’ve thought?


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12 responses to “Homily: Seven Sons & Mother vs demons

  1. Joisy Goil

    Father George! Never apologize for reacting emotionally to the word of God. If only more priests would show some emotion (involvement) it would be a blessing beyond belief. Most (alas) of our shepherds show as much interest as if they were reading a grocery store ads – “green beans are on sale for $1.49 this week” – I for one get emotional when I actually listen to the readings.
    The story of the woman with seven sons has always been one of my favorites. Maybe because I have four sons and can identify with how it must have been.


    A priest told me that if you do not want to cry, swipe the inside of your mouth with your finger. His mother taught him that.


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  3. Catherine

    Thank you Father George for your sharing.

    I have to admit that I was unable to lead the Way of the Cross in the church because I couldn’t stop crying. I found this embarrassing and distressful. One day, an elderly lady parishioner took me aside and spoke to me. She said that she too used to always cry when she was praying over someone and found it horribly embarrassing. She said that finally she prayed to the lord to take these tears from her so she wouldn’t have to look like a fool in front of everyone. The lord granted her request. A short time later she suffered a heart attack. In reflection, she realized that she had made a terrible mistake in asking God to remove her tears. She said that she came to understand that the tears relieved and washed away the pain in her heart. Since she was unable to cry, the emotional stress and pain built up until it broke her heart. She said that the tears are a healing gift from God,

    So when I feel the need to cry, I stop and offer up my embarrassment to God and thank him quietly for His loving gift of tears.

    A lot of your writings move my heart to tears Father. God is giving you and all of us a wonderful gift. God bless you Father George.


  4. Tears rae truly a blessed gift of God.

  5. sanfelipe007

    “In my weakness I am strong.”

  6. sanfelipe007

    I know that Father would never say this, but I would like to encourage every reader to click the “share” icons under the “let everyone know” section that appears at the end of each post.
    My extended family also enjoys these posts when I share them, so I encourage all to do likewise.

  7. sanfelipe007

    Off topic:

    So I was watching a video interview of Father Altman on the Voice of Healing show (with Michael Petro).

    Now this link was to a “live show”, but playback still treats as a live show with no time stamp given. So I cannot direct you to the moment when the produces put up a graphic that identifies Father Altman in the following way:
    Father James Altman – Former Catholic Priest
    Wait, what?
    Anyway, one small thing I found interesting was that Mr. Perto calls Father Altman “brother” rather than “Father,” which recalled to mind a certain brother-in-law that obsessed over Jesus’ admonition to “call no one Father.”

    special message for Aussie Mum! This Saturday we make our fifth First Saturday. Boy do I need to go to Confession!

    • Father George David Byers

      So that guy’s not a Catholic and doesn’t get the terminology. As far as I know, Father Altman still enjoys some faculties, such as for hearing Confessions.

    • Aussie Mum

      I am just getting back to reading here after being below par for the last several days. I feel sure that the graces you obtained for me on our 5th First Saturday have helped me get going again. Thank you dear friend.

      • sanfelipe007

        You are welcome, and Thanks be to God for His just Mercy. May we both be granted the grace of a happy death.
        Oh, and I guess we should throw a bone to Father G.D.B. For doing nothing more than what he is tasked to do – leading us to Christ.
        Thanks “Faddah”!

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