Up-to-date vaxers sick, dying. Unvaxed healthy. Thank you, Tucker. What about you, (Cardinal) (Arch)Bishops?


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4 responses to “Up-to-date vaxers sick, dying. Unvaxed healthy. Thank you, Tucker. What about you, (Cardinal) (Arch)Bishops?

  1. Valarie

    I am new here, Father and throughly enjoy reading your content. I have “lost” so many family members, coworkers, and friends to this mass hysteria (including my own parish priest–who is also my boss, awkward!).

    It’s unbelievable to me how so many kind, intelligent people could turn on anyone who dare question or wonder about how things never quite added up. Some are starting to come back around but I am finding it difficult to forgive. (Forgive me.)

    Someone really needs to be held to task for inflicting this on us, although I have little faith that that will ever happen in my lifetime. For now, I continue to pray for all of us. God bless!

  2. Mary Ann

    A 20 year autistic boy, who lived across the road from us, and who was in good health, died of a heart attack, a week after the booster shot.
    He was rushed to hospital by ambulance, and was anointed by a priest at Blacktown Hospital.

    • Aussie Mum

      I’m so glad the young man was anointed before he died and am sorry for his family’s loss.
      Was that Blacktown in NSW? I’m in southern NSW and we have over a thousand active cases of Covid in our local area alone, and this has been going on for months despite mass vaccination and follow-up boosters. In fact, cases of Covid sky-rocketed here after vaccinations began. Friends who were vaccinated and had follow-up boosters and friends who were not vaccinated at all have had very different experiences when catching Covid; the former were very ill with ongoing effects, the latter were not so ill and made a quick and complete recovery. I am told such is only anecdotal and therefore doesn’t give a true picture of the efficacy of the vaccinations and boosters since media released statistics tell a different story. Nevertheless, I trust what my friends have to say much more than Australian media claims.

      • Mary Ann

        Yes, it is Blacktown in New South Wales. The media in Australia have a lot to answer for, and so does the New South Wales’ and other state governments, and the Northern Territory administration, and the ACT administration, and the previous Australian government.
        I don’t consider the current Australian government to be anything to be cheering about.
        People in Australia have been bullied by governments, both Liberal and Labor for the past 2 years.
        I could write a great deal about this matter, but perhaps it’s best not to, and just to pray, against communism.
        This is definitely not the Australia, I grew up in.

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