Tiny adjustment for saying Rosary

I asked a parishioner what was up with the finger splint. He replied that he has carpel-tunnel syndrome because of saying the Rosary. He said this is what happens without the splint:

That’s annoying for sure. Hail Mary


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7 responses to “Tiny adjustment for saying Rosary

  1. Mary Jean Diemer

    I don’t think it’s from saying the rosary. My hand specialist Doctor told me it means I have Viking blood…it’s Inherited. It’s on my Mother’s side as my Aunt also had it. She had surgery to fix it but now they have other things to do the job..It’s trigger finger.

    • Father George David Byers

      So you’re telling me that saying the Rosary doesn’t run in the family? 😎

      • sanfelipe007

        Ha! Bravo Father!

      • Mary Jean Diemer

        LOL! Yes, yes it does! You have heard that the family that prays together…..in fact I said the rosary on my Grandmother’s rosary today! ❤

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    From saying the Rosary??!!

  3. Monica Harris

    Yes, that looks like Trigger Finger. Maybe someone can give him a cortisone injection at the palmar base of the finger for a little relief.

    Blessed Virgin Mary, please help him out! Thank you.

    ( I think it is Dupuytrens contracture that is purported to be due to ‘Viking Blood’)

  4. Joisy Goil

    Well one thing is for sure, if he says the rosary frequently enough to even suspect that it caused his discomfort – he can be sure that Our Lady will see to it that his hand will be simple strong and beautiful in heaven. Our Lady is a good mother and she will not ignore the loving efforts of her children.

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