Raped for years, his mother murdered, imprisoned most of his life, now a friend of Immaculate Mary’s Son, Jesus

In that picture above the background you see is boxes of cold cases, murders, piled high in the United States Territory of Guam. The label that’s visible says “HOMICIDE: WANNEE L BAILEY”. She’s the one who was murdered. That’s her on the left in the picture at 19 years old, when she was pregnant with her son, Pornchai Moontri, who is to the right in the picture at 12 years of age.

From Father Gordon J MacRae:

  • “It has not escaped my notice that this is being posted on the Feast of the Exultation of the Cross. That is most fitting. This is an unusual post for us, but a necessary one. It tells a story that has deeply impacted our lives and it has been a long time in the making. Please note that portions of this account may be disturbing. I have done all I can to minimize such content without minimizing the story itself. This post is longer than most, but it is a mesmerizing account with no part that I could justly omit. If you have never shared a post of mine on social media or with others, please share this one.”

Just to be clear: share that post on BeyondTheseStoneWalls, over there. Here’s the link:


It is one of the very highest honors of my entire life to be called a friend of Pornchai Moontri.


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5 responses to “Raped for years, his mother murdered, imprisoned most of his life, now a friend of Immaculate Mary’s Son, Jesus

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    This is a heart-rending story. It is one that needs to be told until justice is done on behalf of this poor woman and her sons.

  2. Dianna

    I read his weekly blog. So amazing that he can share his light after being falsely accused. What he did with that young man and others is so Christ like. Imagine, a priest in prison, wrongly accused with more faith and light than our pope (little p), and bishops. Fr. MacRae is true. While in prison now, one day he will live in splendor with Christ in heaven. I pray all the best for Porntri (sp) in Thailand. Amazing story of redemption and atonement.

  3. Mary Jean Diemer

    Couldn’t have said it better!

  4. Aussie Mum

    Pornchai Max, his mother and brother were forced into silence but what of all the others who were not? Those who wrote the reports or were otherwise aware (friends and neighbours, police, youth centre, human services etc). Was it indifference alone or was there an element of fear – fear of opposing evil – that these people kept letting the matter drop? Or were, at least in some cases, some persons actively blocking further investigation whether they knew Bailey or not – evil characters protecting those as given over to evil as themselves – a demonic solidarity of sorts? Are indifference and evil that entrenched in our world? I can see no other explanation.
    Our Lady giving the Miraculous Medal for our protection comes to mind. The serpent is coiled over and around our world and we desperately need our Immaculate Mother – to be clothed by her (Scapular of Mount Carmel), to keep her Miraculous Medal before our minds and on our persons, and to pray her Rosary daily meditating upon its mysteries: three precious sacramentals!

  5. Aussie Mum

    Today (16th September here in Australia but still the 15th, Feast Day of Our Lady of Sorrows, in some parts of the world), three things have caught my attention – Father’s post above, the respect due a monarch, and Pope Francis and his new religion.

    I have watched on youtube thousands queuing for miles in London to pay their respects and show their appreciation for their earthly queen, Elizabeth II, now deceased. I have been one of her subjects since birth (she was Queen of Australia and 13 other countries apart from the UK when she died, and now her eldest son takes her place) and I have no wish for Australia to become a republic. Why? Because Our Lord is the King of kings and His Immaculate Mother, the Queen above all queens, and although I expect many will disagree, I consider earthly monarchy as part of the proper hierarchy of things: father and mother, king and queen of their family; monarch and spouse, king and queen of a people (the family writ large); and over and above all, Our Lord and God with Our Lady, the Queen Mother – His and ours – at His side.

    The English monarchy is not perfect because no creature except the Mother of God is. The English monarch is also Protestant, unfortunately. There are good Protestants though – Christians who love Our Lord but do not know they should therefore be Catholic – but what to think of a baptised Catholic who holds the position of a successor of Saint Peter yet acts against Christ and His Church?

    Pope Francis, visiting Kazakhstan and at an interreligious congress there, has declared – once again – that God wants many different religions.https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2022/09/15/kazakhstan-interreligious-congress-adopts-declaration-calling-religious-pluralism-gods-will/
    And he is oh so devious, misconstruing chapter 14 of Pope John Paul II’s encyclical letter, Redemptor Hominis, to give the impression that he is following in that saint’s footsteps as he endeavours to sever the Church from its Head and make of man his own god. The following words of Pope Francis are creepy:
    “I would like to say that today man [not Christ] is also the way for all the religions,” he said. “Yes, man, men and women, concrete human beings, weakened by the pandemic, worn out by war, wounded by indifference. Human beings, frail and marvelous creatures, who, ‘once God is forgotten, are left in darkness’ [who is he quoting here?] and apart from others cannot survive [survival of mankind depends solely upon its marvellous self].” Words in […] mine.https://www.catholicworldreport.com/2022/09/15/interreligious-dialogue-an-urgent-need-pope-francis-says-at-close-of-kazakhstan-congress/

    There is such evil in the world. Our Lady of Sorrows, our Immaculate Mother, hold us close to your Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart so we never lose your divine Son.

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