Phlemish phlimsy phight for phreakish phantasy phatican pherboten? Phuhgeddaboudit.

The bishops of the Flanders region of Belgium ever so bravely stood up against the ol’ meanies at the Vatican, the Holy See, and published a liturgical rite of blessing of same-sex unions. You know, a Novus-Novus Ordo Rite of Same-Sex Unions. Except this wasn’t so daring. Not at all. Pfft.

The Vatican ever so weakly blusters and then does nothing. Germany’s been doing this for years. Who’s going to care about Flanders? The doing nothing bit is itself a cynical blessing of dissent, the way of the good ol’ boy’s club to present change from truth to falsehood to those whom they consider to be the great unwashed. It’s all staged. Vatican and Germany. Vatican and Flanders. It’ll only get worse. You’re sure to see it at a parish near you.

I bet Libreria Editrice Vaticana will soon be publishing an insert for the Sacramentary used in the Novus Novus Ordo Missae, and then Sacramentaries with the same-sex rite fully integrated. Well, they’ll have to consult language experts of bishops conferences first of course.

People are all in fluster to be ever so tender and sensitive – dainty even – to make proper distinctions between heresy and apostasy and schism. “We have to be very careful!”

But here’s the deal: all of those individually or together in any combination will get you automatically excommunicated because the objective sin involved is, as they say, mortal, deadly, enough to bring you to hell. You gonna worry about finesse of legal distinctions in hell. All of this is shaking one’s fist at God, mocking God.

Let’s review: same-sex sex militates against the image of God described in Genesis and held up by Jesus: man-woman-marriage-family. Same-sex sex is mortally sinful. It murders the soul. Dead. And unless there’s repentance, that deadness is eternal. Eternal death.

Also, I’m not so sure about the distinction between heresy (adamantly choosing not to believe in this or that doctrine, also moral doctrine) as opposed to apostasy (adamantly choosing to reject Christianity altogether). I’m sure there’s legal finessing to be argued about. But it comes down to this: if you adamantly reject just one doctrine, say, the Resurrection of Jesus, then you deny everything. You also deny as a direct consequence that there is sin and possible forgiveness of that sin; you deny hell, but also heaven; and certainly, in that case, there is no Holy Sacrifice of the Mass united with Calvary, no Eucharist, no priesthood… Get the idea. TRUTH IS ONE. You can no more divide truth than God Himself can be divided. Certainly not everyone understands everything perfectly, but we’re talking all things being equal.

The heretic is also… get this… divisory! It’s not the believer who simply continues to believe who is divisory. It’s the self-absorbed promethean neopelagianists who ultimately trust only in their own powers and feel superior to others who vomit their darkness onto others who are divisory.

The believer simply, rightly, points this out for the sake of helping to save the many.

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  1. sanfelipe007

    Phlaccid phaith

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