Prophecy: Europe breaks out in war after Pope visits Moscow [John-Henry; Garabandal]

That would be right. Yep.


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4 responses to “Prophecy: Europe breaks out in war after Pope visits Moscow [John-Henry; Garabandal]

  1. sanfelipe007

    Thanks be to God.

  2. Aussie Mum

    The supposed apparitions at Garabandal have been examined but have not been approved by the Church (see link below).
    Its promotion by some using Catholic media brings to mind the Medjugorje phenomena, another set of apparitions not approved at the local level and yet embraced by many Catholics. Like Medjugorje, proponents quote hearsay using the names of saints such as Pope John Paul II, Padre Pio and Pope Paul VI – but where is the evidence that they ever said or did such things?
    Moreover, the story of the interviewee, Glenn Hudson, contradicts itself. He says that the panel first commissioned by the Church to study the alleged apparitions did not speak with the “seers”. However, he also says a priest on it was convinced by the girls testimony that the apparitions were real – so did the priest speak with them or not and if not who was his source, and if he did why say that the girls were never interviewed? Additionally, why would doctors on the panel take one of the girls (Conchita) somewhere, presumably to get to the truth, yet supposedly never speak with her about the apparitions but cut off her hair because they thought it had magical properties – such a superstitious diagnosis and “operation” certainly does not accord with the kind of knowledge associated with doctors in the 1960s.
    Furthermore, Hudson is not correct when he gives the impression that an authoritative decision on the validity of the apparitions could not be made at the completion of the first commission because its findings were not sent onto Rome for approval. It is the bishop of the diocese where the alleged apparitions take place that has the authority to decide such matters; Rome does not have to be involved.
    Hudson also says that the priest who was a member of the first commission, when he became bishop, called for a second investigation and leaves one with the impression that the findings of the first commission were overturned in as much as Rome is now only waiting on the predicted miracle so they can give their official tick of approval to the apparitions at Garabandal; such is not the case.
    Another problem I have with this interview is that at one stage Hudson tells us that the people of Garabandal have been praying the Rosary daily for hundreds of years (listen at 5:38-6:00), and later says one of the miracles at Garabandal is that the girls suddenly learned how to pray the Rosary – Which assertion is true? They knew the Rosary like everyone else in their village or they had to be taught while in ecstasy?
    Finally, all the other “miracles” stated by Hudson are of a kind that the devil can do. He cannot work miracles but he can do wonders that may be incorrectly construed by people as miracles since they are beyond human ability. He can appear under different forms as well – I do not believe that Our Lady of Garabandal is the Mother of God. The devil is a very clever counterfeiter.

    • sanfelipe007

      Good comment. Come Lord Jesus.

      • Aussie Mum

        I am wary of unapproved apparitions in general, 007, but Garabandal is one of those that especially troubles me because, if it is not of supernatural origin and not of natural / human origin – and the non-response of the girls to stimuli (skin pricked with sharp pins etc) was certainly unnatural, as was being too heavy to be lifted and other phenomena mentioned by Hudson – that only leaves preternatural.
        Hudson’s account of the “messages” is the first I have heard of them re a war and a pope going to Russia – I only ever heard of the unnatural responses of the girls to who or what they were seeing and the message about a future miracle in the pines – but then again I never sought more information apart from the findings of the local bishop, and therefore those things may truly have been said and may well come to pass. This is not to say that I think the devil can tell the future but rather that he knows where his plots will likely lead if enough goes according to his plan. Consequently, I neither expect nor will be surprised if Pope Francis goes to Russia and war breaks out in Europe, and the current situation in Ukraine and the strange behaviour of Pope Francis certainly makes that seem a real possibility.

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