Shadow-dog the Surveillance-dog: happy happy

That’s facing West towards the driveway, from which arrival of the food-bearer is to be noted. But, with me being home, moments later he’s facing East, toward the usual approach of those wanting to attempt a home-invasion, until they meet up with oversized Shadow-dog:

Shadow-dog got a new doghouse yesterday evening. It’s set up quite a bit higher up to avoid any flooding. Apparently, just in time, as Ian is also set to drop lots of rain here in the mountains.

I’ve been trying to get a number of people I know down in Florida to evacuate, including my “Shadow.” You don’t think it can happen to you, until it does.

Oh, and Shadow-dog also got a new bed under the desk where I write. He loves it.

By the way, that special heavy-traffic grass does get trimmed a couple of times a year. That’s coming up soon. It’s the only thing that will keep that inner sanctum of the backyard from turning into a sea of mud. Seas of mud are the would-be joy of Shadow-dog. He’s the consummate German Shepherd.


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4 responses to “Shadow-dog the Surveillance-dog: happy happy

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    He has grown into a handsome fellow. I bet he is a great companion and a faithful guard.

  2. Joisy Goil

    I have a Sister-in-Law in Florida who I am praying for.
    I’ll pray for your friends too. Is there a Patron Saint for protection from Hurricanes and other bad weather?

  3. Catherine

    The Divine Mercy Chaplet given by Jesus to St. Faustina. Those are the Prayers I offer up that provide protection each and every time I pray them. If you don’t have the opportunity or time in an impeding situation to pray the entire Chaplet, then the words that Jesus gave Saint Faustina to write on the Divine Mercy image is powerful: “Jesus I Trust In You”. I prayed those words all through the night and day, a month ago when Hurricane Fiona hit Prince Edward Island as a Catagory 2. It was scary. Roofs and siding ripped off houses, flooding, downed trees onto homes and everywhere. We were without power for eleven days. But, thank God, our home was spared…not a scratch on it, nor the shed, nor the two bird houses on the tree line. We did lose some trees on the tree line. We experienced a miracle when a stranger came to our home and chainsawed the broken limbs, etc. and made piles of debris for us to remove. He worked for a solid five hours. He refused compensation for his work. I think he was an angel. He just came and went.
    Prayers going up for you Father George. God bless you!

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