Human Death International

Since way back in the 1970s I got to know a certain priest in my parish, Father Paul Marx. He’s the guy who founded The Human Life Center, which, elsewhere, became Human Life International. While I was doing some studies across the pond, he retired and made it known, without however, having any executive power, that he wanted me to be his successor. Meetings were set up at which I made it clear that I simply won’t compromise. That attitude was intolerable to the new weakness. That was decades ago. Things haven’t changed.

At that time I made an analysis of the appendix to the medical ethics policy of the US Bishops Conference at the time and sent it to a major conservative Catholic publication, trashing the Bishops presentation of cooperation in evil, which was to define sophistically what is forbidden formal cooperation as permissible remote cooperation. The famous editor wouldn’t publish it, however, saying that his friend, a Catholic priest, with whom he went to the same university was presently rationalizing abortion in Catholic hospitals, and my article would effectively contradict his friend’s policy for the Catholic hospital systems in his diocese. So, protecting friendship so as to promote murder.

I sent my own analysis of the Bishops’ policy permitting formal cooperation in murder to the Ratzinger’s CDF. It was passed on the moral theologian who then passed it up the ladder. The result was that the Holy See (it had to be Pope John Paul II) forced the USCCB to reverse their own ethical guidelines for the combination of state and church hospitals, forcing the USCCB, furthermore, to publish their recant, to the point of condemning bishops who followed previous guidelines and commanding those bishops to reverse everything they have done in view of the older guidelines.

That was all under John Paul II and, of course, Benedict XVI kept up the new status quo. The new more reasonable status quo continued up to the time of Bergoglio. Then all hell broke out. It was now all back to calling evil as good, formal cooperation with evil as permissible material remote cooperation.

The moral criterion that is used by the clever murderers is a lie. The bishops say that if only one tries to minimize the perception of anyone that they, the bishops, are doing evil, well, that minimization will make the actual murder into something permissible, indeed, laudable. “Did anyone notice our murder of babies in the womb? No? Great, we’re good to go!”

I was directed to speak to a certain moral theologian about all this, and he told me, Catholic priest that he was, about babies in the womb being murdered by chemical morning-after-pills. He cynically asked me: “It’s so small, so who’s going to notice anyway? So, whatever.”

At that point, I decided to speak to the icon of orthodoxy moral theologian in the USA at the time, Monsignor that he was, and he cynically asked me: “What do you want us to do, George, close the doors of all the Catholic hospitals? We need government money.”

Decades later, HLI is now rationalizing the mass murder of babies in the womb with all the clever sophistry that turns evil into good:

  • “Oooo! Let’s use multisyllabic words like formal and material, proximate and remote, and add some others like mediate and immediate, and, like, stuff, you know, and confuse people so that they go ahead and get the “vaccine”, because, like, that’s politically correct right now.”

Well, I’m not confused, not yesterday, not today. Murderers and liars from the beginning don’t fool me at all. I’ve written ad nauseam on this. Here’s just a couple of posts which attack some of HLI’s rubbish even when I wasn’t at all following anything HLI was doing whatsoever. When they went weak, I lost interest.


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4 responses to “Human Death International

  1. I once met Fr. Marx, in the ’90’s, at my old parish

  2. Joisy Goil

    OMG!!! I have long suspected that government $ was influencing the hierarchy of the church here in the USA, but I kept telling myself it was just my negative thinking and if it was true, it was localized.
    I can’t remember how many times I had ‘discussions’ with my pastor about why he would not preach about the horrors of abortion and he would only say that he was counseling someone about this subject and didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable.
    I used to suggest that perhaps by talking about it he might help others avoid the same discomfort. (tongue in cheek, so to say) But now I suspect that he and other local pastors were probably directed to keep quiet on the subject.
    No wonder Our Lady told us to pray for our priests. Not all priests are as focused as you are, thank you Father for helping us to see the facts.
    I haven’t heard from HLI for years, they used to solicit for donations when Fr Paul Marx was alive. He is probably rolling in his grave.
    We need to pray the rosary more and more.

  3. SWhite

    Those who shall remain nameless bought their way into the Catholic Church long long ago and have completely usurped her liturgy, her doctrine and her tradition….in fact even canon law has been corrupted. Our Lady tried to warn us at Fatima to beware and asked for a consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. We’ve been brainwashed to believe the ultimate sin is hurting peoples feelings so we remain friendly, non-judgemental ecumenicals. This was a deadly mistake because now the enemy is within our camp pulling the strings at the top and they’ve got us in a tight grip where evil is good and good is evil.

  4. Aussie Mum

    SWhite commented that, “We’ve been brainwashed to believe the ultimate sin is hurting peoples feelings so we remain friendly, non-judgemental ecumenicals” and with that I agree.
    I remember when, late last century, it became “nice” to put the truth aside and instead think in terms of “your truth” and “my truth”, thus opening the door to accepting the worst evils as good this century when dressed up as someone’s “right” to determine the truth according to their desires.
    As a note, I do believe Pope John Paul II carried out the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in a manner acceptable to Heaven given the difficulties which had arisen between Our Lady’s request and the time it was actually carried out more than half a century later. If not for that consecration, I think we – all of us – may well have fallen prey to the “spirit of the age” (the rebellious spirit of the anti-Christ) now well entrenched all around us and even infecting Pope Francis.

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