Our diocesan priests retreat 2022

We had our canonical retreat this past week. This was the best attended retreat in all my years. The retreat director was a believer. He wasn’t afraid to speak of Jesus. Great priestly fraternity.

But the best part of the retreat was the rearranging of the schedule diversely from previous years. This time the Holy Hour was a bit more coerced, if you will. Previously it was on it’s own in the schedule. Maybe half or less of the priests showed up. Now there is also the Rosary and Vespers and a conference during the Holy Hour. Everyone came. Ha! There was less time for quiet adoration, but we were before the Most Blessed Sacrament nonetheless. All good.

This new schedule was especially helpful on Wednesday when, immediately after the Holy Hour, well, adoration instead continued while Confessions took place. My station for hearing confessions was right next to Jesus. He’s the One. He’s the only One. Non sum dignus.

Confession for priests? Here’s a blast from the past:

Thanks for that, Father.

Speaking of dearest Mary… surprise, surprise. Our Lady of Mount Carmel (discalced!), had been repainted and was without a title. However, she was presented during the retreat as Mary, Mother of God. I had a good few minutes in front of these two.

More in future posts, but here’s a gem from the retreat:

  • The less one prays, the less one wants to pray. The more one prays, the more one wants to pray.


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4 responses to “Our diocesan priests retreat 2022

  1. Sandra

    Our priest this morning, his homily was “GRATITUDE” and “REPETENCE” and the need for FAMILY PRAYER DAILY.
    Since our parish’s “listening” sessions for the “Synodical Way” (last Spring) the opportunities and times for Confessions has INCREASED! As have the topics bringing the “meat and bones” back for homilies. And the repeated reminder that our practices and prayers can’t be for Sundays only.
    Come Lord Come!

  2. nancyv

    Maybe it’s the angle, but Our Lady looks much less snarky than before. ha
    AND I think everyone needs a refresher on the great sacrament of Confession. Dang, it wasn’t until most recently that…well, never mind, I’ll go to Confession. But I know what this priest was talking about when he wondered if his past confessions were valid.
    Also so thankful for your diocesan retreat for priests and looking forward to more gems!

  3. Claire

    “The less one prays, the less one wants to pray. The more one prays, the more one wants to pray.”–I have noticed this in my own life.

  4. sanfelipe007

    Prayer! Yes, after Aussie Mum and i observed the 5 first Saturdays devotion, I began to attend Eucharistic adoration weekly. I hope to grow in love and begin to attend more frequently and with greater fervor.
    Today our Celebrant, during his homily, informed us that this would be the first year that our Parish (Diocese?) was without a Priest to be ordained – that the number of priests retiring has been exceeding the ordinations. He also informed us that the Bishop had convoked a gathering of his Priests to address the matter, and asked for our prayers.
    It’s as if the Lord might have to curse the barren fig tree again. Lord have mercy!

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