Twitter on the way back, but this blog?

Shadow banning has killed this blog. Or is it my bad writing? We’ll see what happens if Republicans win super-majorities in Congress, in the House and Senate, such that legislation is veto-proof, legislation such as banning social media companies from doing anything from shadow banning and to outright de-platforming whatever site. But for now… slowing way down…


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15 responses to “Twitter on the way back, but this blog?

  1. Father, sorry to hear that about your blog. I miss it; God be with you

  2. sanfelipe007

    Disclaimer: Twitter delenda est!

    First analogy with two views:
    View 1
    Elon just “cannon-balled” into a once-public pool. God knows how the resulting waves will affect the swimmers.

    View 2
    Elon fired the life-guards at a once-public pool and will bring in his own maintenance crew.

    Second analogy:
    We had some mad-house patients running the asylum because the mad-house doctors were, themselves, mad. The mad-house was once possesed by owners Legion, but now has a single owner – let’s hope he is an Exorcist.

    A third analogy escapes me. I welcome suggestions.

    • Joisy Goil

      Perhaps the third analogy is: We are in end times and all this unfairness clarifies it for us – and we are desperately awaiting our emancipation from the powers of darkness.

      • sanfelipe007

        I like it, Joisy. I am certainly in my end times. I’d like to get to Confession one more time .. always one more time!

  3. nancyv

    Heck, I don’t even know what shadow banning is..

    Father, shared on FB that beautiful post about Elephants, Men and tragedy in Thailand.
    Now I am just watching the yellow and gold fall from the trees, not worrying about raking up and will let the coming winds blow them away.

  4. Yeah, there are folks that don’t like anything Catholic and get their jollies by doing anything to disrupt it.

  5. Joisy Goil

    I miss your messages too. Sometimes they are a mind saver after a discouraging day. God bless and keep you, Father George.

  6. Joseph

    Father, there may not be many of us, but keep writing! You are an inspiration to us!

  7. sanfelipe007

    Off topic, but…

    Excess deaths all over the world – what is the cause? The Insurance companies have the numbers but not the cause -yet.

  8. Catherine

    Father George, I am hoping that you will reconsider and continue posting your writings. I am always learning from you. I have pondered over a lot of what you impart to us and that is good. It enriches my soul.

    These are very difficult times to keep up beat and positive so when you post pictures such as your Adoration days and bring your homilies to us, it refreshes our spirit. You aren’t wasting your time. You are doing God’s work here on this blog. There are many of us who “lurk” but you are actually reaching us. Sometimes its a good thing for a people to be listeners for a change. God is speaking to us through you.

    Father George, you are a good priest. We are truly blessed to have you in our “mail box” each day. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, you are a guiding light for us in this period of immense darkness and evil. Thank you for all the years you have been there for us. May God bless you abundantly!


  9. KPCain

    Don’t stop Father. We need to hear from you. Thanks for everything. You are one of a kind.

  10. Trudy

    I’ve been here for all these years since the Hermitage even though I don’t comment. You give me hope.

    Trudy of the down comforter

  11. KPCain

    Your letter, dearest sister, is for all of us an opportunity to reflect on the mystery of the passio Ecclesiæ that is so near to what is happening in these terrible times. And I conclude by recalling the “provocation” of the Non prævalebunt: just as the Savior knew the shadow of the tomb, so we must know it will happen to the Church, and perhaps it is already happening. But He will not allow his Holy One to know corruption (Ps 16), and He will make Her rise just as He Himself rose from the dead. In this sense, the words “The Bride must resemble the Bridegroom” acquire their full significance, showing us how only by following the Divine Bridegroom up the steep slope to Golgotha will we be able to merit to follow Him in glory to the right hand of the Father.

    I exhort you to draw spiritual profit from these thoughts, as I impart to you and your dear fellow sisters my fullest and fatherly blessing.

    + Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop This paragraph really reached me Father.

  12. Aussie Mum

    Discouragement has grown heavy all around. I have been unwell and finding it hard to keep going but my going, whenever that is, will not affect much. You, on the other hand, are much needed. I pray you keep well, Father. Keep going for your spiritual children.

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